Seeyamangalam - Avanibhajana Pallaveshvaram Cave Temple
  • Hi Friends,

    This cave temple has some interesting features worth visiting.

    1. supposed to be first dance posture representation in Tamilnadu
    2. Significance of lion motifs
    3. again supposed to be first movement reliefs of warriors
    4. ayudha-purusha dvarpalas

    Your feedback is most welcome.
  • Dear Saurabh

    wonderful. As suggested once you complete Pallavas, please focus on Pandyas.

    Both caves and structural temples of early ( Pre Kadunkon) and second pandyas ( till aditya Karikala's conquest).

    Please consider this request.
  • yes, need to talk of pandyas, will start with tirumalaipuram shortly on
    poetryinstone as well. But need Saurabh to do his through works as well !!
    wonder how you do all this, without knowing tamil !! hats off bro
  • Hi Sankar sir,
    As discussed with you and few members earlier, I will go for Pandyas after the
    Pallavas. For this I need to explore Madurai region extensively, I hope I will
    get support from our esteemed members from that region. As I do not know Tamil,
    so such a support is much needed and highly appreciated.

    You need not request me, I better prefer an order from you :)
  • Hi vj,
    Thanks for nice comments, as I stated earlier, I am just arranging the thoughts
    and ideas of earlier scholars. We are proud of those scholars whose work we
    refer and study. I face little issues as I don't know Tamil, I can understand
    Sanskrit little bit but when I read the Tamil inscription, I cannot link the
    abstract with the original inscription. However for that I assume that the
    scholars who have translated those texts have taken utmost care while doing so.
    Hence accept whatever is translated :).
    There is not much work available on Pandyas, at least in English, hence my next
    quest will be for Pandyas. Hope we all can align and create a synergy so that we
    produce good work with less efforts or shared efforts.
  • Defenetly we will help.

    Since i am going epigraph by epigraph for the Ramayanam series, i will take a simultaneous notes of early pandya temples and give you the list.
  • Brilliant Saurabh, Keep it up.
  • Dear Mr. Saxena.
    A word of caution. Madurai – Thiruneli line is notorious for rain stoms and
    flood in whole Month of No’’vember and till 15th of Dec.

    I find Wikki had released the latest doc on Pallava, pushing Early Pallavas
    to 3rd Century BC. Search google for ‘ Pallava’

  • hear hear! I second Sankar's thought.
    Want to learn more about early Pandya sites.
  • There are quite a few books on the Cave temples of the pandiyas. The most extensive study is by Dr Kalaikkovan - but his books are in tamil.

    * Then Thamizhnattu Kudaivaraigal - Cave temples of southern tamilnadu - Vol 1

    * Then Thamizhnattu Kudaivaraigal - Cave temples of southern tamilnadu - Vol 2

    * Madurai Mavattak Kudaivaraigal - Cave temples of Madurai district

    All are brilliant works. Esp his work on Thirupparamkudram kudaivarai with Ravanan on its cover is a spell binding work. This was his presentation in Chemmozhi conference as well.

    Other notable works are from Soundarajan and Rajavelu/A.K Seshadri
  • Dear Gokul

    any books on the Early Pandya stone temples - other than cave.

    Thirupathur, Ambasamudram .....
  • Does anyone know when the ASI's survey of cave temples is going to be

  • dear Gokul

    Can you give the name of Mr Rajavelu's work. rest i have.

    also do you have the video link for Dr kkn's talk @ chemmozhi?
  • Hi Shash,
    You can get all the ASI books from Aryan Books, New Delhi. There address is
    given in ASI site, You can call them to
    get the books. They sell on the prices given in the ASI site, they charge
    minimal shipping charges. They will give you their bank account details where
    you can do bank transfer and then they will ship the books.
    I am dealing with these guys from a long time and have quite satisfactory
    experience. SPS sir also bought few books from them. You can give my reference
    as well, if needed.
    One information, all the ASI books are in publication, whichever book is there
    in their site is available. Good news isn't it :)
  • Dear Sankar / VJ

    * Not a single book on Pandiya structural temples. Some discussions are found in few books but no dedicated work to my knowledge

    * Rajavelu's books is called "Tamilnattuk Kudaivaraigal" I believe. I have not seen this book either
  • Hi Gokul Sir,
    There is one book with title 'Cave Temples of the Pandya Country Art and Ritual
    : With Special Reference to Putukkottai Region' by V Latha, published by Sharada
    Publication New Delhi. May you please let me know if this is a good book to
    start with?
    Any other member know about this book?

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