PS in English ???
  • Greetings to all!
    I have been recently pulled into the magical web woven by Kalki with
    his 'Ponnyin Selvan'. I am not very proficient in reading Tamil, and
    hence started reading the book in English. Unfortunately, our
    university library (in the US) has only the first 4 parts and I am
    dying to read the 5th one - the Pinnacle of Sacrifice. This
    desperation led me to search for it online but I could not find a
    single site which has the English version online.....
    Please help!
    I would very much appreciate any input in this regard.
  • I have heard that 'ponniyin selvan' is available
    in the below given site. As I can read tamil, I did
    not check it out. I don't know whether part 5 is
    available or not

    Ponniyin selvan is also available for sale in siffy
    mall. Part 5's rate is s.250 ( excluding shipping
    charge )

    with regards,

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