Thanjai Periya Kovil - 1000th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Dear Members,

    I visited the Big Temple of Thanjavur on 25th September 2010 on its 1000th Anniversary Celebrations. The same day 1000 dancers performed in the temple complex :)

    Here are some of (many) photos i took during the whole day.
  • very nice photos sriram..especially the photo of agazhi is so cool..very nice view..and regarding periya kovil gopuram...whenever i see the 7 panai uyara gopuram (i did my engg degree in thanjavur..during those days i use to visit periya kovil)...i get the pleasure of a child seeing the moon n clapping her hands...
    my digicam is so tired..:) i went on 26.09.2010...but didnt missed to c the programs..:(
    thanks for ur photos..

  • nice picture and good comments
  • Hi,
    Thank you very much for sharing. Wonderful photos... and took us through the celebrations, as if we were present there!
  • Thanks, Shriram. Wonderful pictures, indeed ! Raj Mutharasan
  • Wonderful pictures usual.. :)
  • Dear Sriram

    Very nice
  • Dear Sriram,

    This is very pleasant surprise.

    I was sincerely hoping you visit the temple, take and post photos. And you did so well.

    Hope you covered the Aranmanai Exhibition also.

    And i was also almost in vicinity.. some how missed to see you.

    That was one of the greatest evenings carved in my memory.

    thanks for being there and sharing.

    fondly, sps
  • Very good photos dear Sriram.

    I was sincerely hoping you visit, take photos and post to our group. and you did it very well. Congrats.

    Very well photographed and nicely summed up too.

    from the hot sun through cloudy evening to the illuminated eventful nite.

    Hope you have visited the Aranmanai Exhibition too and photographed.

    awaiting these photos too.

    I was also there in vicinity. some how i missed to see you.

    That was a wonderful memorable rarest evening..

    carved in my mind for ever.

    thanks for being there and sharing.

    fondly. sps
  • Shriram

    Felt like I was there part of the event

    Thank you for the coverage

    Mikka nandri


    did you hear Ponniyin Selvan Audio?
    Check it out -
  • Dear sri ram
    I have to treat you as God Ram and I have to thank the Lord Ram for brining the excellent album for our members.
    Excellent Photos. Thank you very much
  • Dear Sriram

    What a great work. Excellent photos...panoramic view of the temple from all
    angles...vimanam at the backdrop dark clouds...faces of young dancers..anxiety
    on their faces before the start of the goes on..

    Great work...Cannon camera?

    Arunachalam Vaidyanathan
  • Sriram, thanks for the photos. Couldn't go there, your photos and my
    brothers's photos completed it.

    *P.S yes, his camera is Canon PowerShot S5 IS, you can see the data on the
    right side when you select the phtoto and click on 'more info'*
  • WOW.. Dear Sriram,

    APPRECIATION from NDTV Vaidhaynathan..

    congrats. sps

  • Dear Sriram

    Really nice pictures. Many thanks for given the web links.

    I really missed this festival.

    Once again thanks to you.

    I Appreciate you and Grate work..
    Dear Sir,
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