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  • Hi All,

    I want to become a member of your group. I like
    Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan very much. It is very
    interesting that there is one group for the great man.
    I really very enjoying.
  • Hi,
    One small clarification,I am a new member to your group.Writer Kalki
    is my Favourite writer.Actually I don't know how many times,I read
    I always have a doubt, That Kalki had Oru thali kathal?(one side love)
  • Dear All,
    Ponniyin Selvan,I am still to read
    them.Happy to be here and learn and share.
    Just a small suggestion,How can Ponniyin Selvan be
    made more popular among the younger generations?
    I missed it when I was young,so thats one reason why I
    feel that it should be made more popular.
    I would be thankful to people if I get any links for
    Tamil readings on the net.

    Thanks in advance...
  • Hi Mathava,
    Welcome to the group. I came accross this site in Chennaionline. You might find it interesting -
  • Greetings to all.

    I am a new member and was wondering if someone could direct me to FAQ
    on PS.

    Where can I buy an English Translation in the US?
    Which version (I believe there are 2 or 3) is more authentic?
    Is there an online complete version?

  • > Is there an online complete version?

    Online Tamil Version of PS is available at

    It is in TSCII format.

  • Is there is any online version available for sandilyan books..?

  • hi all
    pl. accept me as a true fan of PS thanx
  • hello friends,

    Hearty Welcome for the new members PS group. Go thru the earlier mails and get synchronized with the groups activities.

    Welcome to 400th member. We too have achived Lara's Feet. Congrats for each and every member of PS group.
  • Hi All,

    I am glad to be a part of the Kalki fans group. After PS, I have been very much
    interested in kalki's works and have also finished both SS & PK all within a
    month's time inspite of the busy schedule..

    I do find filled with so many interesting stuff, that I find
    myself reading their articles on a daily basis.
  • Dear Nanda
    hearty welcome
  • Hi,

    I am a new member. I am a great fan of Kalki. Ponniyin Selvan is my
    favorite Indian historical novel. I also like Parthiban Kannavu (I
    also like the black and white movie based on the book) and Sivagamiyin
    Sabatham. Kalki is a great writer because he got me (I used to hate
    history) interested in Indian history. Now I have a number of books on
    the History of Tamilnadu and the history of India.

    I want to thank the moderator for allowing me to join this group.

  • dear all,

    this is hema from blore.
    happy to meet u guys.....
    i'm a big fan of ps
    i would like to know more details abt rajendran cholan
    plz help me.....
  • hii durai,

    thk u so much...
    its really amazing... to watch the video play
  • As a new member first I would like to introduce myself as a Team leader, working in Acropetal Technologies Pvt Ltd in Bangalore. I finished my bachelor degree (Architecture) in Adhiyamaan College of engineering under Periyar University in May 2005. The basic architecture vocabulary is deriving by the condition of nature, function of space, people lifestyle and their culture & tradition. These are the terms to give an opportunity for the birth of different type of architecture styles. Our architecture is derived by our forefathers based upon our climatic conditions, culture & tradition. To know about our architecture development, first we should study our history in deep, so I hope to join this group I can develop my history knowledge.
  • Most welcome dear Sakthi.

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear all,

    I am Aravindhan.K.V, working as a Marine Radio Officer in an American Off shore Oil rig in Bombay High oil field, India. We are working for ONGC.

    I was searching for NISUMBA SOODHANI Temple's location in Thanjai on web sites, fortunately I got this group.

    I am also very much interested in Chozha history, especially Rajarajan and Rajendran. I read Ponniyin Selvan , Balakumaran's Udayar & “ Sadaasiva Pandaarathar Aivugal” I used to go Thanjavur very frequently, My job pattern is 28 days on and 28 days off. So on my leave period I am going round Chozha deesam.

    But still I have not located Nisumbasoodhani temple. Any one knows the location for that kindly let me know.

    Planning to go Thanjai on 11th April 2010.

    Please give me the details of Panjavan Maadevi's Pallipadai Veedu built by Rajendra Chozha.

    Thanks for Every one. Kindly reply.

    ARAVINDHAN - apart from reminding Pondy Ashram - also always invokes pleasant memories of the famous ficticious character created by Naa. Parthasarathy.. in KURINJI MALAR..

    Let us see any one mailing any other additional recalling re Kurinji malar too.. apart from the fact it blossoms once in 12 years and found in Kodaikkanal area.

    Now - re Nisumbashoodhani ..

    the temple is known as VADABADRAKALI at Keezhavasal - thanjavur.

    for your kind reference :

    Present priest is : GOPI GURUKKAL
    mobile : 97897 40553

    This also comes under Thanjai Aranmanai Devasthanam Temples.

    pls share more of your experience and provide some details re sea war-fares.

    We have among us Vijaykumar from Singapore re shipping - POETRY IN STONE and Vizag Dhiwakar - author of Thirumalai Thirudan, Vamsadhara, Vichitrachithan etc. also connected to shipping timetables etc.

    rgds. sps
  • Dear Mr.SPS,

    Thank You very much for the information. I will share my experience and sea wars, the sea piracy & attacks happining still in the sea.

    May I know your full name andother details. I have read your name in Varalaaru articles.

    I am from Padmanabha Puram in Kanyakumari district. Thatis the old Capital of Thiruvithangoor Samasthanam, a beautyfull palace is still there. Now I have settled in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai,23 March I will come on 28 days leave to Chennai. 

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