Did Bhagavan Krishna live on this very planet ?
  • Did Krishna live on this very planet ?

    Did Krishna live on this very planet and moved along its inhabitants ? Did the
    Mahabharata was actually take place ?

    The Indians , especially Hindus were pounded by these questions by the world and
    also by the 'educated skeptics' among themselves.

    No more. A video of breathtaking dimensions is here chronicling the footsteps of
    Krishna, the darling of devout Hindus. It shows the drowned city of Dwaraka now
    under the sea, the ruins of Hastinapur and the Computer dating of astronomical
    events of Mahabharata.

    http://www.saraswat ifilms.org/ movies.php (34:25)

    Krishna: History or Myth (A film by Saraswati Films Inc.)

    A unique documentary which proves the existence of Krishna and shows the
    scientific proof of Mahabharata with exact year of Kurukshetra war.

    The film is now online free. Kindly circulate widely.

    Hare Krishna

    Thanks to J Venkatasubramanian
  • References to Tamil - Dynasties, Countries, in Mahabharatha

    I have selected the version of "Mahabharatha" translated into English
    Prose by "Mr Kisari Mohan Ganguli" from the original Sanskrit
    Text of Sage Viysa, and published by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
    (Pvt) Ltd, New Delhi, India, from which the following have been
  • Dear Sourabh

    Can you list some of the places in Tamilnadu visited by Arjuna in Vanaparva. ( sine u r currently into it)

    it will be helpful
  • ---Appar - 5th thirumurai, 71st Padigam, 8th song

    Vijayamangai - visited by Arjuna during his theertha yatra. Appar mentions this.

    பாண்டு வின்மகன் பார்த்தன் பணிசெய்து
    வேண்டும் நல்வரங் கொள்விச யமங்கை
    ஆண்ட வன்னடி யேநினைந் தாசையால்
    காண்ட லேகருத் தாகி யிருப்பனே.

    Parthan Palli - Thirunangoor divyadesam. Again worshipped by Arjuna during his visit. ( but not mentioned in the pasuram)


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