Basic Queries re Iconography ?!
  • Very good query dear Satheesh.

    Primarily - two arms. Mortals.
    four and more - Deities.

    Small Jalra (thalam ) for Gnana sanbandar - more in dancing pose too.

    Uzhavaram for Appar.

    Sundarar ?

    Manickavasagar :: shaven head with Rudraksha around forehead ?

    Siruthondar ..

    these simple clarifications will help our members / families to identify bronzes ( which are not complicated) of their own !

    anbudan / sps
  • Isn't Sundarar always depicted with royal robes & even a crown?Shobha
  • of course yes - dear member Shoba RK.

    I am just trying to find our other iconographical details too.

    thanks and rgds / sps

  • What is Uzhavaram ??
  • Dear Friends
    one more doubt. A person recently told me that an easy way to check the date of Rama ( or Vishnu) Moorti is - All pre Ramanuja period moortis will not have any "Namam" and post Ramanuja moortis will have a Namam in the fore head.
    Is it true?

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