Historical Novels in CD
  • Dear All

    Gowtham Publication is done a good job and they have released two cds on Kalki all novels and Na. Parthasarathi novels. Third one is under process.

    The cost of the each cd is Rs.99 only and it can be purchased for personal use as well as you can give as gift to people.

    We have to encourage this type of tamil work by purchasing the same. I am not marketing Gowtham Publication. Just inform to the Tamil history novel lovers. The quality of the work is very good and they have done the DTP work and convert this into PDF.
  • Dear Sir,

    This is great news. I could use some details about purchasing. Can i order
    it online? Please add some more details.
  • Dear Ganesh

    You can book in on line. Please visit http://www.chennailibrary.com/

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