• Dear All

    The project is completed with good look of e-book along with available art work / pictures.

    Due to the copy right issue, I have not posted the same in our group. I request the moderators view on this whether we can load the in our web or not. Based on their opinion, we will go ahead.

    The next two novels are also in the process with artwork.
  • Pl post the first few pages if possible. That should not be a problem since it is just a sample
  • Dear Gokul

    Sure. I have made this project in two format. One is full size format and another one is book size two pages view format. First one is loaded in our group as SAMPLE.
  • Dear Gokul

    I tried to upload sample pages but it is not loading because of the storage problem.

    Mean while I would like to request you and SPS to go through the full version and if any changes required for the fitment of the picture, It can be done. Just review of the panel requested. Please send one test mail to my [email protected]. I will forward the full story.
  • Dear Sri SK,

    Will do in couple of days.

    rgds/ sps


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