• Saptamatrikas

    I have noticed in most siva temples, saptamatricas are with a ganesh also.

    The Kadambar koil - kilithalai wheer the saptamatas worshipped siva, there is a pannel in the garbagraha behing siva. ( No ganesh)

    There is a old saptamatrika temple at the entrance of siruvapuri temple - near the tank at the entrance

    There are big saptamatrika idols near vakra kali in thiruvakkarai temple - not visible from outside - need to go inside the garbgraha - try on a non tuesday/friday/sunday and non rahukalam when crowd is less. The total sakthi inside, the idols - will feel the power.

    This is just to share some info for you to see, when you visit next.
  • i said kadambar koil not kadambur


    appar's - Nam kadambanai petraval panginan, then kadambai thirukkarak kovilana of en kadan pani seidu kidappade song fame.

    Not mela - keezhak kadambur.
  • ---


    I mentioned earlier that i have noticed in most siva temples, saptamatricas are with a ganesh also.

    In kailasanatha temple a pannel has saptamatrikas figure.

    In the same enclosure, we have a Ganapati and another image holding a weapon are sitting together.

    The Guide said it as dakshinamoorthy but dose dakshinamoorthy hold any weapon?( and facing west)

    Could that be sastha? can anyone guide me?


  • > The Guide said it as dakshinamoorthy but dose dakshinamoorthy hold any weapon?( and facing west)

    Veerabhadra Shiva
  • Dear Gokul,
    Where is the murthi you refer to? It's common for
    Virabhadra to be with the SaptaMatrkas - Him at one end,
    Ganapati at the other.

  • Dear All,

    Planing to go to Thirubhuvanam on 23rd May.Please anyone confirm whetherI can get Hotel there for stay a night or two. Thirupurampiyam is also near by Thirubhuvanam?

    Kindly let me know.
  • Thirugokarnam is west of of PUDHUKKOTTAI TOWN !ON tRICHY HIGHWAY..

  • > > Dear Gokul,
    > > Where is the murthi you refer to? It's common for
    > > Virabhadra to be with the SaptaMatrkas - Him at one end,
    > > Ganapati at the other.

    Dear Kathie

    I was answering Shankar's qn. (Kailasanatha temple)
  • Thanks Gokul

    By seeing the hair style, yoga pose and the belt - thought as sastha

    Sastha as dandanayaka
  • Dear Mr Pillai,Thirubuvanam is very near kumbakonam,there is no lodge in thirubuvanam,
    so ucan stay in kumbakonam,thirubuvanam 7 east&thirupurambiam is 6 k.m.s north
    from kumbakonam, visit sri.viralimalai swamigal ashramam in t.b.vanam
  • Thanks Vijay

    Kadambar Koil

    There is a small pannel of saptamatrika behind the lingam. Thevaaram site is not mentioning this.

    I have seen that personally in Kulithalai temple and other books mention this saptamatrika pannel.

    The Thevaram - Pani saidu kidappathe - though mentioned as Then Kadambai is Melakadambur only. I thought that is for this Kadambar koil since this is an Appar Thalam. Thanks for correcting.
  • Friends
    I have a doubt. Saptamatrikas
    Brahmi, maheswari, gaumari, vasihnavi, varahi, mahendri - imdrani
    the seventh one - differently mentioned - chamundi in saktha texts like durga saptasati
    Tamil Pingalam calls her rudrani
    The chennai museum has a saptamatrika. i have taken the photo of this one - looks like rudrani. will post tomarrow.
    can any one tell me is chamundi and rudrani are the same?
  • Dear SN,

    You have rekindled interest to revisit Penn Deyva Vazhipadu by Dr. Kkvn / Dr. Nalini.

    However Chamundi - Goddess who destroyed Chamundan.

    Rudrani w/o Rudran.

    Likely to be the same.

    But if we get into deeper - whether Rudra and Siva or same ???

    go back to tamilarts academy.

    Out of 27 Siva phenomenons ( Maha Siva Murthams) - they figure in.

    rgds / sps
  • Hi,
    Sapta-Matrikas were created to help Shiva in a war against Andhakasur. As every droplet of the demon's blood was creating a new demon, these seven goddesses were created to drink the blood so that no more demon will be generated. Sapta-Matrikas are as follows, with their respective lords

    Vaishnavi - associated with Vishnu
    Brahmi - associated with Brahma
    Maheshvari - associated with Maheshvara (Shiva)
    Indrani (Aindri/Sachi) - associated with Indra
    Varahi - associated with Varaha
    Kumari (Kaumari) - associated with Kumara (Subramanya/Kartikeya/Murugesh)
    Chamundi - associated with Yama

    Varaha Purana states that there are eight matrikas, Yogeshwari extra. Howevel all other puranas and agmas state number seven. Kurma Purana goes ahead of the war scene and tells us story afterwards that how Sapta-Matrikas were sent to patala-loka and later on their destructive powers were removed by Nrisimha.

    Now Rudrani seems to be power of Rudra. I have not faced any instance where Rudrani was associated withSapta-Matrikas, howeverthere can be such instances for sure.In simple terms we usually assume Rudra isShiva's synonymonly.Rudra term is cited in Rigveda also, whereRudrais used as for father ofMaruts, which are eleven in number. However later on this Rudra became another synonym of Shiva. If we go ahead with Shiva = Rudra then Maheshvari is already there in Sapta-Matrikas so Rudrani needs not be added. If we take Rudra, as in Rigveda, then we do not have sakti associated with Maruts, as in later times references to Maruts are very less.
    In my opinion Chamundashould not be taken as Rudrani, however we surely needs expert advice here.
  • The concepts got mixedup some where.

    1. Brahmi - came from Brahma - but not his wife. Some scholars worship her as saraswathi

    2. maheswari - from meheswara - parvati is also called maheswari

    3. gaumari - from Muruga - not his wife

    4. vaishnavi - from vishnu - not his wife but considered his sister.

    on she is the dandini of parasakthi- hence different from parvati

    6. Mahendri -in tamil Indrani - but not the indra's wife sasi who is also an indrani

    7. Chamundi- rudrani - must be the daughter of siva and not his wife
  • I have attached a photo of one of the saptamatrikas ( or should we call them sapta kanya?) taken from chennai museum.
    is she Rudrani?
  • Dear Sourab

    1. Rudrani is placed in place of Chamundi in Tamil texts like Pingala Nigandu - 10th AD, whereas in saktha tradition it was Chamundi.

    2. In Saktha traditions, they were created to assist Devi. Durga saptasati has verses for them -

    3.I am attching the tamil pages of the nigandu.(pei2) This Rudrani has a vahana of Ghost ( pei)

    It is Alagai in tamil and the meaning of alagai is taken from soolamani nigandu ( that is also enclosed)(pei1)

    4. As far as Siva and Rudra -havediscusssed and i have supported this with verses earlier.I am giving the gist-In western religions there are two separate entities for Good and Bad ( God and satan) but in Hinduism both are the same and from the same god. Western Indologists have confused it and called it an amalgamation. The rig veda rudra suktas have been given earlier along with yajurveda Rudram.The Siva and Rudra referred are the same at the time of rig vedaitself.

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