Ashoka and Tamils
  • This is something I wrote five years back, and I read this in a book titiles' Iendayiram aandugalukku murpatta thamizhagam'

    Established by Chandragupta Maurya, by defeating Nanda's, assisted by a Tamilian Chaanakya, in Patna, the Maurya Samraajya, was a Golden Era. The powerful kingdon then passed the hands from Chandragupta Maurya to Bindhusaara and then to Ashoka.

    Ashoka was valiant, before he turned a Buddhist after Kalinga War. As a part of his regional expansion, the only region that was left out in India was Mighty Tamil Land. He provoked tke Kosar, of west India on this, they came and attacked the Nannan of Kudamalai Nadu and defeated him. They occupied 'Pazhi', the fortcity of Kudamalai naadu.

    Then they attacked the Cheras.Cheras put up a very fearful battle and the War ended with no lose or no gain between Kosar's and Cheras, but Tamil samraajyam lost valiant Ezhini, a lineage of Athigan... After the valiant Ezhini, was killed in this battle at Sellur. The Magadha army marched forward to Azhandhurvel to fight with Thithiyan and at Mogoor at Pandya Border.

    This was a great fight put up at these places and Maurya Army suffered many loses and had to retreat. Having lost confidence the entire troops went back to Pazhi, in Tulu Nadu to prepare for a massive attack. This included the laying of Road for the troops and chariots to march forward.

    That this point comes our great Chola hero, illanchetchenni, he thinks right to have not to leave the fight in hands of smaller Kings and thus Cheras and Pandyas and other petty kings join the leadership of illanchetchenni and awaits the attack from Mauryan side.
    The Mauryan arme took three years to prepare for the next fight and then came back. there was a massive fight put by Tamils and the Mauryan army retreated this time, Tamil army, drove them to Pazhi and illanchetchenni, sorrounded Pazhi fort, "Pazhi Mutrugai".

    Then the army entered the fort and killed many soldiers and thus emerged victoriuos.
    This defeated made Ashoka and infact every others, to never look back towards this valiant land.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Wonderful sir

    Is Mogur at the border of Pandya countery is Thirumogur?

    any idea?

  • Hi

    It's interesting. Based on this any novel has written? If not we are having many writters in this group can try this one.
  • As the fact that they did not enter even Chola nadu, it cannot be bordering place in a Pandya Nadu could be some where Northern Tamil Nadu south eastern Karnataka or south western Andhra..I will look out on this.

    And no 'Sir' please..I was out of discussions in this group for a very long time...good to come back... :-)

  • Nope, i am wrong and you are right, it is near Madurai, so Pandya country.

    But the fact is more than just this. More informaton on this is from Ka.Appaththurai's work "Thennaattup poarkkalangal".
  • Sorry to be so stupid, but did Chozha Dynasty exist that long ago?
    to fight Mauryans at ThiruMogoor ? Is that 3rd cent. BCE?
    I don't know my chronology that well. . .
  • Hi,

    you have mentioned chanakya is a tamil.
    Is it so ?
    And also, from my google search, about his birthplace ,
    I found it to be either taxila or pataliputra ..
    Your view point is quite different & interesting.
    Can you throw some light on it ?

    S Rakesh
  • Dear Sir,

    I am impressed by the line "by a Tamilian Chaanakya in Patna". Was Chanakya from Tamil?


  • also any reference on Ravana a tamil?
  • The Ramayana f valmiki - ( refer the link i have given) referes Chola, Pandyas

    Mahabharata refers a Pandya king participating in the war.

    Kharavela syas 1300 year alliance

    Is there any comprehencive details - Like Age of valmiki ramayana - vyasa

    from there any link?
  • Dear Kathie,

    The sangam poems refer Chera, chola, pandyas and they are considered to be a
    very old dynasty ruling the south India. So its very much possible that they
    existed during Mauryan period.
  • Date:1-5-2010

    Dear Kathie,

    Refer the Website following the lead given below for details on Tamil Dynasties, and Tamil countries known to Viyasar author of original Sanskrit Mahabaratha.

    Original Sanskrit Ramayana by Valmiki too refers to Tamil dynastries and Tamil Countries.


  • The observations made - whose observation is this

    any proof on

    a. Kerala did not follow vedic system - siva worship different from vedic? which is that literary proof referred?

    b. Bhikshu order - commenced only after Bhudha? where did this idea originated?
  • One name of Chanakya was "Dramila" - Tamizha...

    It's really just a theory; as with so many things, we simply don't have any
    information on his antecedents.

  • wow, SPS, how can I ever keep up?
  • Mbh has been added to over the centuries hasn't it? Or is
    that heresy to think? Certainly there were So. Indian
    dynasties, but were they actually called Chozha, Pandya
    & Cera way back then? ca 900 BCE?
    Please educate me.
  • Dear Katgherine,

    THERE is PURANIC (Old - Ancient Tales) reference
    that MUSUKUNDAN - CHOLA helped Devas and thus Indiran
    awarded him the LINGA he worshipped - by faking it !

    Six such were established around Thiruvarur and the SEVENTH
    was THYAGARAJA - with Wings - supposedly descended from the
    Indiraloga !

    Together these SEVEN LINGAs are known as Saptha Vidanga lingas !

    Dangam - Chistle. Vidangam - Unchisteled. Created by unconventional system (by Viswakarma !).

    There are interesting connections between Thyagaraja of thiruvarur and Nataraja of Chidambaram !

    Likewise there are interesting connections between Thiruvarur and Thanjai Brahadeeswara !

    Of course we have seen Brahadeeswara is depecting Chidambaram AKASALINGA concept also !

    Thiruvalangadu Copper Plates trace Cholas from ADITYA (Surya) - from the same origin of Rama (as earlier highlighted by Sankaranarayanan !)

    But you name any (indian - atleast) Dynasty, they trace their Origins in similar way only !

    rgds/ sps

  • hi sps

    this musukundan is quite interesting. there is a muchukunda temple - near
    the moovar koil.

    Plus while reading perur puranam, there is a reference to musukundan who is
    born with the face of money and gains his human face while worshiping at
    perur. infact there is a pillar sculpture ( nayak period though) of
    musukundan in perur.

    incidentally there is another puranam listed next in the perur book-
    karikaalacholan who ruled from kanchi !! being possed by an evil spirt in
    the form of a boar - while he was out on one of his hunting expeditions and
    doing penance at perur to get rid of the same.

    attaching the relevant portions
  • Interesting details.

    Just fix where Musukundan figures in Tvkadu CP.

    tnx. sps

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