Kapaleeswarar temple festival, 2010
  • Hi all,

    A little late, but here are my photos from the temple festival this
    year: http://picasaweb.google.co.in/trshash84/KapaleeswararTempleFestival2010#
  • Dear Sir,
    Excellent pictures! Thank you very much for giving a chance to virtually visit the Festival at Kapaleeswar Temple!!!
  • Very nice dear Shashwath.

    Permit me to suggest you small write-up/s ::

    Sambandar - Poombavai

    Poombavai young girl died in Mylapore - cremated - ashed kept in an Urn (mud pot) and when Sambandar visited - took pity on her parents who were so much mourning and created HER BACK TO LIFE !

    Arubathumoovar - 63 Nayanmars - one line description also will do.

    Karagattam etc - Native Dances : one line description.

    Slowly your photo-blog will emerge well.

    rgds/ sps

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