Origin of place names in Chennai
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    Pls do share more on this.
  • My contribution to this topic:

    Kellys (uma theatre fame) is known as "killai"

    Purasaiwakkam - "parsi wakkam" - people belongs to "parsi" cast lived abundant in that area.

    chinthadripet - Chinna-thari-pettai ie., weavers with small weaving machines (small traders) lived there.
  • Some other place names

    Chindadripet - Chinna Thari Pettai - due to the settlement of large number of weavers from kanchipuram and patnoor (pattu nool traders of saurashtra origin) people.

    Mandaiveli - A place for the cattles to graze, nearby was the big town of mylapore and people would have used the river banks of adyar near mandaiveli for cattle grazing

    Royapettah, Royapuram - May be short forms of Rayar Pettai, Rayar Puram named after any rayar kings/ nayaka nobles
  • Do you know that egmore is actually ezhumur ( not ezhumbur)
    Ayanavaram, Puzhal, Ambattur, Puliyoor, Padi had the same name even 1000 years before. ( i think even avadi had the same name. to check)
    Of courese Thiruvallikeni, mylapore and Thiruvotriyur have the anme from 6th AD.
  • Purasaiwalkkam is due to the Purasa Trees in that area and not parsis.
    Egmore, ayanpuram and Puliyur - refer link
    Ambattur was in Puzhal Kottam. Refer sembian madevi buying land from Ambattur Village saba for
    Vada Thirumullaivayil temple. ( I have that some where at home. to searh. You van also refer
    Thevaaram.org - temples-vada thirumullaivayil
    Dr Gift Sironmani article on Tambaram area also give lot of info.
    Velachery was velvichery.
  • I think AVADI is an accronym....its something like 'Armoured Vehicles and
    Artelery Depot of India' (???) or something...
    Its hardly a 100 or so years old name....I think.
  • I have read list of Kottams like Puzhal, Puliyur

    Villages in Kottams like Ambattur and remeber reading avadi.

    could not recollect. Must be Padi ( Thiruvaliyadayam epigraph) or some other chennai temple epigraph
  • AVADI - What so far I assumed is : "AA" means "pasu" ie., cow..."adi" means... impression of foot

    so A(A)vadi name would have derived from due to the presence of foot impression of some sacred cow.

    but now Satish has giving a new dimension.... good sir.

    S. Arul Ganesh
  • Kodambakkam

    Avadi - Ambattur nadu, Avadi Nadu etc in Puzhal Kottam but dont remeber where i read.

    some how will find it.
  • thank u very much for the chennai places name detail

  • The Avadi weiki mentions this armoured vehicle stuff.

    But once i searched net for villages in each kottams. There i saw avadi. Ambattur is in both Thirumullai vayil and Padi epigraphs. Avadi i saw there for the first time.

    But vehicle factory is after independence only.
  • dear
    one area pulinthaope and otteri exists in chennai. Are these are old names? and what is the meaning of these words?
  • pulianthope may b a old name meaning it is a grove of tamarind trees. otteri is kind of lake name we have a canal by the name called otteri nullah now, also the large lake in puzhal is called retteri meaning two lakes, this otteri is within 10 km radius so it may signify a single lake
  • thank you ramkumaran for your kind comments
  • HI,

    Any clues about perambur???madhavaram??

  • Hi
    Avadi is nothing but an ACRONYM FOR

  • Gentlemen,

    Is Tamarin tree a natural vegetation on coastal area?
    I doubt tis guesswork on the etymology of PULIANTHOPE..


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