• Respected Deepa Baskaran & Sridhar,

    In my mail, I put something sublty - later to elaborate ::

    MAADHA - Mother - at Home
    PITHA - Father - at Home

    What is their primary function ?

    Feeding - caring - providing shelter and ENLIGHTENING on RIGHTS / WRONGS and DOs / Donts ..

    We have already pointed out whether God is outside or Inside !
    Siddhars have repeatedly questioned:: By putting a stone - calling it God - developing belief that it is God - one has to realise that the stone was created by him - and the Godliness in it - whether it is Man-made or God-made !!

    Re God - it is individual view.. Let me leave it at that.


    Learning / getting Enlightened by Mother..
    Love - affection - attachments etc.. more of internal things and other finest feels - like Chatrapathi Sivaji's mother taught him several things primarily .. before he denoted his Guruji..

    then Father .. Dharma - More of external things..

    then Guru .. kind of snow-balling :: from primary school - from an elder sister / brother / neighbour - a post man - a housemaid / servant - ONE LEARNs so many things.. from so many...

    Out of this Entharo Mahanubhawalu - SEVERAL HIGHLY LEARNED ONES - we adopt various things from various personalities !!

    Thus is GURU is more a concept - related to learning.

    rgds/ sps
  • If my understanding is correct, Guru doesn't solve your problems... he/she
    shows the direction to the solution.

    Just like a coach in a sports team. He will not get in to action of hitting
    fours / sixes / goals.. He makes you do that. Guru is more of someone who
    makes you to understand what you are best at.

    If you haven't yet read, try the book "Goal" by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.
    Whenever the lead character Alex gets into trouble, he consults his master
    Jona. Jona doesn't provide him direct answers / solutions. He will make Alex
    think on what will be the solution. That is how a Guru is supposed to be,
    just like a famous tamil proverb "Meen pidithu koduppathai vida meen pidikka
    katru koduppathu"

    But in these Corporate Gurus issue, people go to them with their issues
    and so called Gurus promise solutions / miracles. Thats the starting point
    of all the problems..

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