• Dear Members,

    A group called "Kundru Thoradal Kootu Vazhipattu Kuzu" based at Tiruppur conducting "Masi Madha sirapu vazhipadu 40th Maha Abhisegam" at Gangaikondacholapuram this Sunday. Pooja started from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Around 200 Members of this Vazhipattu Kuzu are going to participate in this.

    We plan to go. Which is the best route from Salem to Gangaikondacholapuram?  Can any one guide me please?
  • Refer Google Maps
  • dear sister vimala, i am somasundram tiruppur. you go ur route to tiruchy-then from tiruchy go lalkudi and from lalkudi turn left to ariyalur way up to keelapaluvoor ( s our chinna and periya paluvettaraiyars native) then at keelapaluvoor four road cross come there u go straight it goes to jayamkondam and from jayamkondam straight way to kangai konda solapuram temple u can reach it is 9 km from jayam kondam. this is the shortest route if u go by car. i do not know from tiruchy there any throo bus to jayamkondam. but u can go by changing buses which route which told above. or it u go to tiruchy, tanjore, kumbakonam, by bus there kumbakonam there u get town bus to kkspuram. sister vimala u mus go and see the abisheham its an experience in life, bcause i have been seen the anna abisheha four times. is is also the best experience in life so do not miss this chance ok. if u go by car do not miss the temple at keelapaluvur and melapaluvoor there are one temple
    in each paluvur which was build by the thathas thatha of chinna and periya paluvettaraiars. s b4 1200 years it was build. and while see the abisheham do not forget me and my family thanking you

  • Dear Dhev,
    what about Keezhaiyur on the way to Ariyalur I think?
    see 'Injamaven's album in Picasa if you know it by another name.
    Same Paluvettaraiar dynasty.
  • Definitely sir
  • sister vimala the keelayoor u asked that koil always locked and not clean while we go inside i think the mul chedi all are not cleaned dr. kalaikovan also tried two times with that area school students they cleaned but not regularly dr kalaikovan also second time written in u must see the keelayoor koil left side of the road and then two , three km after u see the left side of the road mela paluvoor koil then 3km after keelapalavoor come and the right side road goes if u go that road just 100 feet in the right side aalandhurayar koil beautiful koil with the durgai facing east donot miss ok the road from tollgate to kkc puram just one two km road will not good but not bad that also vittu vittu thaan raod sumaar ok do not mis to see that abisekam then if u want any details do not shy top callme to my cell 9994722826

  • Awaiting your travellogue / photos of the GKC visit.

    trust it was a purposeful visit.

    rgds / sps

  • Really sir, it is a memorable trip. The photos are in my mobile. I have asked my husband to transfer it into CD. I am awaiting for that. Regarding the trip I have to share many things with our members and I'm having so many queries also. I will post that by evening. Sorry for the delay
  • dear sister vimaladevi you have not given ur suggession about the gkc puram koil and have u visited the mela and keela paluvur koil


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