Parantaga Chola inscriptions in Tiruchanur Padmavati temple
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    While going through many articles stumbled upon this info. The Tirumala inscriptions starts with pallava ( samavai) and in Chola start from RRC. The temple site also claims so.


    There are two inscriptions found in the vahana mandapa of Thiruchanur temple. The Padmavati temple was destroyed by Dutch and rebuilt by Telugu Chettis. In the reconstruction, these two must have reached the vahana mandapam of padmavati. The lord is referred as

    Tiruvengadattu ninrarulina Perumanadigal

    No. 286. (A. R. No. 260 of 1904). Tiruchchanur, Chandragiri Taluk, Chittoor District. On the west base of the vahana-mandapa in front of the temple. Parantaka I : Year 29 : 935 – 36 A.D. This inscription is in fragments. One of the fragments is dated in the reign of Madiraikonda Parakesarivarman, i.e., Parantaka I. The first piece seems to record a gift of gold for a perpetual lamp and mentions . . . . . . . . ngai [Sa]nkara[n Rana]singan and the sabha of Tiruchchogunur in Kudavurnadu in Tiruvengadakottam.

    The second piece seems to register another gift of 88 kalanju for a perpetual lamp and other services. No. 290. (A. R. No. 263 of 1904). Tiruchchanur, Chandragiri Taluk, Chittoor District. On a detached stone built into the outer prakara of the temple.

    Parantaka I. Year [3] 2 : 938-39 A. D. This inscription dated in the reign of Maduraikonda Parakesari i.e., Parantaka I seems to record a gift of god Tiruvengadattu ninrarulina Perumanadigal by the king, Sri Pirantaka
  • Dear Sankar

    Thanks for the interesting collections on Thirumala.

    The Pallava is not Samavai

    Saamavai or Saambavai is the administrative body of Temple those days like the present TTD. This Sambavai was set up during 10th c. TTK Veeraraghavachariar wrote each and every details about Tirumala details in a book called Tirumala History.

    The TTD's monthly magazine Sapthagiri in Tamil is giving lot of inscription details every month about the Tirumala Inscriptions. Even the present monthly issue also refer some KDR's inscription details. I think, they regularise the details translated from the english works.

    With warm regards,
  • The one i meant was the pallava queen samavai, who made lot of contribution to the temple.

    She made a utsava idol, started the first brahmotsavam and contributed in gold.
  • Dear Dhivakar,

    Have been reading on the administrative bodies of various temples.

    very very interesting and informative details are surfacing !

    beginning to realise, there are more details in the inscriptions - THAN JUST GRANTS !!

    thanks and regards / sps
  • Wonderful info. Thanks Sankar
  • Wow! super! Interesting information and feel really proud of our Cholas!!! :)

  • Thirupathi / thirumala inscriptions are already published.

    let us look into them for more details too.

    anbudan. sps

  • The web page gives AD 966 as the date of Samavai. Could not have been a Pallava princes right?

  • Samavai

    The Year

    We need to look in detail into this.

    There is an intresting book called Vengadanatha Vijayam, which was seriolised in OM sakthi.( covers the Tirumala History)It came as a book subsequently.

    There is a story built around this inscription ( i say story)

    The story starts with Samvai coming to Tirumala. The Pallava dynasty is ending and Cholas are about to become a big power. She is resigned to the fate of her dynasty. So, what ever is remaining treasure, she possed, she donates to Lord of Tirumala. It is a grand visit of a Queen in hurry. She wants a utsavam to be started. Donates a utsava idol and Golden vessels. Starts a Utsavam immediately and wants that to continue.Some body suggests her to record it. She orders the recording.

    It is a very intresting book.

    The year assigned to her, let us explore.

    I also read about a dantivarman record in Thiruchanur. Will come back on that.
  • This site gives the time of samavai to 614

    She is mentioned as Kadavan Perundevi
  • Now you have made this topic even more tempting. Thanks.
  • The following is collected from epigraphica.

    The "Venkatesa-Perumal temple on the Tirupati hill bears on the north wall of its first
    prakara four Chdja insoriptions, which, were copied from their (now lost) originals when the
    temple was rebuilt in the fortieth year of Vtea-NarasimhadSva-Yadavaraya. The second and
    third of these four copies (Nos. 62 and 63 of 1888-89) are dated in the 14th year of " Paratrama-
    hendravarman" and " Paratravarman" evidently misreadings of the copyist for Parakesari-
    varman. These two inscriptions record gifts^by Samavai alias Kadavan-Perund^vi, the daughter
    of Pallava-Perkadaiyar, 6 (and) the queen of Sattividangan. aZias Srl-Kadapattiga}." 7 It is not im-
    probable that this Pallava king Sattividanga^ (i.e. ^akti-Vitanka), 8 who was a^ contemporary of
    the early Ch&la king ParakSsarivarman, 9 is the same person as the Pallava king Satti (i.e. Sakti).
    In this case the subjoined inscription would belong roughly to the second half of the ninth century

    Now as Mr Gokul said - there are intresting things.

    1. The inscription was copied, during reconstruction.

    2. Beacuse the "Dharmam" has to be continued un interruptedly.
    ( As SPS Sir rightly ponted out)

    3. The King's name is to be rightly confirmed

    4. Samavai is a queen.

    Let us explore more
  • Friends

    Further, there is one more inscription mentioned in Tiruchanur.

    Again it looks like that, it actually belongs to some where else but while reconstructing the Padmavati temple, used as a stone for floaring.

    Intrestingly, during king's time the inscriptions are preserved for the continuity of a Donation ( dharmam),( like samavai case) after the end of the Kings when locals while rebuilding their lost temple the priority seems to be restarting the worship.

    ( By whome, which european power, remember reading a thodar kadai in kalki by sri venugopalan as a school boy - Swarnamuki- but could not recollect. Need help from members)

    The Ilankovil - a balalayam? for whom? As claimed by the temple site did the utsavas were held in Tiruchanur instead of Tirumala for some time?

    Or As the Purana Claims, the lord daily comes to Tiruchanur in the night,( for that two chappels are kept under the tirumala hill for his use) was the Ilankovil his palliyarai?

    Intresting - Need to explore more.

    Now to the inscription:

    No. 43.
    (A. R. No. 262 of 1904).
    Tiruchchanur, Chandragiri Taluk, Chittoor District.
    On a Detached stone built into the floor at the entrance into the Padmavati Amman temple.
    This record registers a gift of 30 kalanju of gold by Solanar Ulagaperumanar of Sola-nadu for burning a perpetual lamp before the god Tiruvilankoyil Perumanadigal set up in the temple of Tiruvengadattu-Perumanadigal at Tiruchchoginur in Kudavur-nadu, a subdivision of Tiruvengada-kottam, in the 51st year of Vijaya-Dantivikramavarman. Ulagaperumanar mentioned in the inscription was evidently a Chola chief ruling Sola-nadu under the overlordship of the Pallavas. Different Chola chief mentioned in no 49.

    No. 49.

    (C. P. No. 24 of 1910-11).

    Velurpalaiyam Plates of Nandivarman III: 6th year.

    This copper-plate record issued in the 6th year of Nandivarman (III) registers a gift of the village Srikattuppalli, to the Siva temple built by Yajnabhatta, at the request of Chola-Maharaja Kumarankusa, for the expenses of daily worship and for a feeding house. This Chola-Maharaja and Vijayalaya, the founders of the revived Chola line at Tanjore are taken to have belonged to one and the same family. This is doubtful and he should probably have belonged to the family of Renandu Cholas[17].

    Published in South Indian Inscriptions, Vol. II, pp. 507-510.

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