PS Cartoon Trailer
  • Dear all

    I found the trailer of PS in Cartoon in the below link.

    really a good one... atleast somebody has taken note of the commercial potential of PS
  • Dear Dhiwakar,

    Mr.Ramesh of Rewinda movie toons is a member of this group and from time to time, he gets his doubts on various events of PS, cleared by our members. On behalf of our member friends, i request Mr.Ramesh to kindly tell us how the project is faring. We all are very keen to know. I guess SPS sir or Venkat can also tell us a bit.
  • if needed i can model for any of the characters of PS including ravidasan or the poochaandi in Bhoothatheevu...

    some people have seen me and they can suggest the character...
  • Diwakar,

    Many of us had the oppurtunity to watch this on big screen when we had our
    PSVP function. It was good to watch.
  • Dear Sri Chandramouli,

    from time to time i do speak to Mr. Ramesh.

    His main business is not movie making.
    He is on to some other industry. travels a lot.

    He does this with his team.

    will revert with update next week.

    regards / sps

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