Ayirathil Oruvan Challenge
  • Dear all

    Its easy to berate and belittle someone elses efforts...Can we actually do anything?

    I have a challenge for our members

    Recently a member suggested a Relay story...where each member writes a chapter....

    Can we do something with the current script and ending of AO....If there are people willing I am happy to pen the first chapter...

    Any takers?


    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

    To: [email protected]
  • Hi Sri,

    That is interesting. I would like to try my hand. Please send across your
    thoughts, will send in mine in a day or two.
  • Why not dear Sri.?

    Let us have some lines restriction.

    re contents let some handle the homogenity.

    best wishes, sps
  • dear sridhar,

    it is worth a try... recently some of my friends (bloggers) tried to write a
    detective story where one person starts and another follows with his own
    style.. it failed miserably as everyone was taking the story to completey
    different corners and at the end, the last person didn't know how to write
    the climax.. :)))

    so, i would suggest to find the authors (maximum 10) first, have a
    brainstroming session over telephone on the lines the story has to go, at
    the end of the discussion you can decide who writes what.. one person can
    take the role of editor..

    I know you guys have much better experience than me however just thought of
    sharing my experience. thanks.
  • I wish it is historical?!!
  • Dear All

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    There are two ways one can go about!

    Retrace how they got there....

    Or take things forward from where it ends!


    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

    To: [email protected]
  • There is a genre called Alternative Fiction, like what would have happened
    if Jesus survived crucifixion. I had something similar in mind. Is the first
    option you mentioned something like that Doctor??
  • Dear members
    Yesterday I saw Aiyrathtil Oruvan. I could not understand what Selvaragavan wants to tell. It seems to need to take historian like Venkatesh or Vj or SPS or Kalki to the film for understand it.

    Malathy Madam is excellent in retelling the story. She earlier explained early Kalkiyin Alai Osai very briefly beautifully in excellent manner.

    As these are not practicable, I request the Hon'ble members to retell the Aiyrathil Oruvan story and what really Selva ragvan tell about Chola's history.

    Let it be brief and also consists history behind it.
  • The first basic thing is the film doesn't contain much history.

    There are only two concepts in the movie.

    What if a 10th century community of people who are hiding from whole world would look like if they have survived 1000 years under severe drought.
    points to remember here
  • sir

    selva talks nothing about chola history..

    uses only chola and pandya names, with changes to pandya rathna haaram to pandya kula deivam..

    entire thing is fantasy...

    excellent moview to watch, it he had cut short the second half ramblings ....
  • I would say lots of scenes from KM influenced.

    1) Reema Sen's team chasing Pandya idol (sorry 'murthy); In KM, cholas chasing for rathinahaaram.

    Cholas hideout in an island as per AO ; In KM, chola kingdom's traders
    were held as captives looking out for escape - waiting for somebody
    from chola kingdom to be their saviours.

    3) Ghost town setup in AO;  In KM, when AMV and VD reaches the island - shocked to see skeletons, skulls etc.,

    4) War Scenes in AO like Kavan erithal, 'Ambu Mazhai' etc., reminds of KM scenes

    The list may go on.

    Few things on which almost all critics have listed out:

    The language being spoken by so-called hiding out cholas. Can we
    definitely say the language slang during RRC's period would have been
    same as mentioned in PS and other historical novels ? Element of guess is there. So if same rule is applied, why not the language slang would be as per AO ?

    Escaped Cholas described as barbaric. Right in the begining there is a
    disclaimer saying that the story is purely imaginary. When a set of
    people are in hideout for 800 years -totally cut off from outside world
    - fearing they might be captured, there is a possibility that they
    become uncivilised. (We all know that individual psychology and group
    psychology are entirely different - mob violences across the world
    would clearly explain on this).

    c) Yes, in some areas - finer
    editing would have made the film better. Like when Reema claims she is
    ambassador from cholas, symbol of tiger appears at her backside of body
    and disappears. Not clear on this.

    d) The main reason for this
    film getting mixed reviews is - First Half is going at breathtaking
    pace and second half is limping.

    All said and done, I
    personally enjoyed the movie and it is worth watching (1000 times better than Kuruvi, Villu type movies)
  • Dear Palaniappan

    Thank you dear.

    Ippa koncham puriayappla irukku dear.

    I thought that the last Chola king along with Pandiyan idol escaped and settled at Vietnam, which has no relevance in the history of Cholas as I understood.

    I worshiped all the Chola kings as god and it is not possible for me to cherish to saw a Chola king who even did not much care for his citizens food, which is a basic need.

    As you suggested we have to treat it as a film and should not link with Chola history. It may be pure imagination that people who has no connection with several years with other world is likely to behave like this.

    However once again thank you for your kind remarks
  • Dear

    I feel that selvaragavan stole [or ateast violated the Copy Right Act] KM and modified as AO.

    It is time for venkatesh to file a case against SR for the violation of the copy right before the appropriate legal forum.

    Please advise our venkatesh for taking appropriate action
  • Yes dear,
    I am able to be convinced after vairam's explanation.
  • Dear sri,
    I am only suggested the relay story. you may please draw a scheme after consulting from all the writers of PS group. Definitely we will get a good story

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