• 1. I read Karthik Narayanan's English translation in 2009.
    2. No, I have not read any other works of Kalki
    3. I found this group by chance, searching through the internet.

    Being not schooled in tamil, I had to read just the English translation. But the translator kept it real nice and simple. In fact he uses tamil words of addressing and uses Indian English structure. So that is the next best thing for a tamilian; but for a non-Indian or a non-tamilian some of the English sentence structure would have been a little amusing.

    After searching the Internet and websites in vain, during my last visit to India I loaded up my suitcase with books and Karthik's six volume translation was part of the books.
  • Wow. Wonderful.

    thanks and best regards.,


  • 1.I read Ponniyin Selvan - in my school days - 1958 - (with my sister
    "Lakshmi-Rajarathnam" -novelist).
    2. I have read many of Kalki's books - "Paarthiban kanavu" - Sivakamiyin sabatham,
    "Alai osai" - Amaradhara - (when he died - and the story was completed by his daugter
    Ms. Aanandhi)
    3. I came to know of this group by Mr.G.Somasundaram & joined recently.

    Great... another asset to our Group ??!!

    I recall her having Won the coveted Award of Narayaswami in Kalaimagal Monthly !! (Vizhudhugal ?? pardon if wrong and pls do enlighten).

    most welcome respected Sir.

    greetings. sps
  • Just curious Sir.

    Is Mr. G Somasundaram among us Sir ?

    regards /

  • Dear Sir,
    The first historical novel I read was Sivagamiyin Sabatham in the year 2002. One of my friends gave me this book to read. I liked Kalki's writing and thru that friend I got the PS book and read it for the first time. Once I started PS, I liked it so much that I couldnt keep the book down. There have been several times that I never knew the time while reading it and would realize at 2 am or 2.30 am that it was too late and I need to sleep.
    I have also read Parthiban Kanavu, Alai Osai, Solai malai Ilavarasi, Mohinitheevu etc. of Kalki and also Akilan's Vengayin Mainthan, Sandilyan's Kadalpura, Jaladheepam, Rajaperigai, Anusha Venkatesh's Kaviri Mainthan etc. Last november when I came to India, I purchased Gokul Seshadri's Rajakesari and Dhivakar's SMS
    I joined this group in Feb 2009. I was googling with the name Ponniyin Selvan and came across this group and I joined. I remain a silent member but I read all the posts.
    I am very happy that I am fortunate to be a member of this esteemed group which has great personalities in various fields as their members.
  • Thank you very much dear Member.

    Sare jahan se acha ..

    endaiyum thaayum....

    looks we are chorusing on a Bharth Batlia documentry with ARR notes .. !!

    so musical..

    greetings. sps
  • Thank you for the complements Sir,
    It is "Idhaya kovil" which won the Narayanasamy award from Kalaimagal.
    She has written more than 1000 stories among which 30 or 40 history short stories
    besides a lot of All india radio dramas, devine books and lecturesetc.
    Mr.Rajarathnam is a historian (MA history- MA Politics - MA Economics - BL - DSS)
    who has also written thenovel "Raja Naiyagi" - with Vikraman - son of Vandhiyathevan
    as the hero - in two volumes published by Alliance.
    I am more enlightened by the discussions in the forum - and my timings to go thro.
    the e-mails in PSVP is early morning 3-30 - 6-00 AM.
    Several mails are being written by members "as if they know each other in person" - may
    be they have met others in any of the meetings arranged by the forum - and I am also eager to meet themembers in PS group.
    I should admit that my knowledge in history is poor - but consider PS group as a reservoir of indebth informations on many issues.
  • Yes,
    he only opened the PS website to me when I visited his house,
    and suggested me join the group.
  • Yah.. Idhayakkoil.. now I recall.

    was reading it in serial - when published in Kalaimagal.

    Actually - near Poonamallee Thiruninravur a Nayanar wanted to construct a temple but did it whole heartedly in his Heart only and Siva - appeared in the dream of a Pallavaking (Rajasimhan) to postpone his temple Kumbabhishegam (Kailasanathar) !

    The temple constructed in the heart by the Nayanmar was considered IDHAYAKKOIL !!

    Idhayakkoil in Kalaimagal was also very much captivating !!

    welcome Sir. our very best regards to your sister and her husband.

    greetings. sps
  • Dear Sir,

    Appears more knowledgeable members are also Silent !!

    Recalling the Quote : We are Silent because we are Sound !~!~!

    our best regards to respected member Sri G. Somasundaram too.

    regards / sps

  • Dear Sethu sir

    Mr. Rajarathinam's Raja nayagi I read it and it is a good novel. Also you have missed one novel written by him. KANGAI SOOZH KAVIRI NAADAN. It is not available in the market as well as Kannimara / Govt libraries. I am searching this book last two years. Also you have missed two novels of LR. Kongu naatu koman and pallavap paavai.

    Thanks once again join in the group.

    K. Sundar
  • Gangai Soozh Kavir Naadan...

    Thought process itself is very much interesting.

    Sundarkrishnan - encylopedia - as our dear Venkat rightly put.

    regards / sps

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