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  • Sir
    Just on a curiosity to know more, am asking this...
    In PS Kalki says that the women of the royal family were given several rights like starting a medical center (the way kundavai started the Aadhura saalai), or donating for the reconstruction of temples (like Sembiyan Madhevi made kattrali of various temples).
    If that is true, will a princess like Kundhavai who is from a royal brave chozha clan, and who is said to have lot more influence on RRC, would like to select a person to just stay as a Veettoda Maappillai? Will she not like to marry a person who is brave, interesting & heroic?
    Pls correct me if am wrong...
  • I told vettoda maapilai because it is a known fact that Kundhavai lived in Thanjai along with her husband.
    Another thing is that RRC consulted her in every other decision by visiting her in her house.
    It can be inferred that she was very dominant and powerful person in chola kingdom.
    So by looking at these pointers
    1. She not going to the place of her husband but rather staying at her brother's capital
    2. SHe being a dominant and powerful person
    we can understand how much 'say' VT would have had!!!!
  • Kundavai had always cared for the welfare of Chola Kingdom. That is one of the reason she wanted RRC to marry Vanathi, since it had been predicted by Kudanthai Jothidar that both her husband and son will be great emperors. She would prefer a"Veetoda Maapillai" who will not under any circumstance pose a threat to her brother nor to the Chola Kingdom rather than marrying another great king who might challenge Cholas in future.
  • Hi parvatha

    doesnt she say that she never wants to leave chola land in the first chapter.

    kunthavi comes out as a charecter who feels she should have been born a boy/ women should be given rights to ascend the throne.
    she speaks in a manner that she would have handled things better.
    and the enemies too think she is the real challenge to be handled.

  • We should not make this like "Person of the Year" Times magazine competition maadhiri :-))))))))

    Your wish, it is the person whom, we as an individual want to meet, you are always welcome to change it in your mind. But if people keep changing; then it will become difficult to track.

  • Vardhini
    The point emphasized by Kalki is that she did not want to leave Chola Nadu at all.
    Which Valiant Prince/King would leave his kingdom & atay as a VM?
    btw Vairam why is Veetoda Mappillai considered low? Women have been veetoda Marumagal for centuries & that is accepted.  For a change idhuvum nalla irukkume. :)
  • Actually, VT must have had 'pala' veedus, so the actual term could be 'visiting' maaplai :-)
    Not sure if he had any kids though... ayoo after this stupid 1000-1 I am even scared to think of kings and their prodigal sons...
    muruga enna kodumai saravanan ithu
  • Hi Ravi
    some including me have a pet theory that vanthiyathevans daughter may have married her mama RRC and been his chief queen

    this girl has so many joint charities with kundavi( her mother)

    1000-1 ungala balamaa paathichurukku pola?

  • Vettoada Mappilai is a luxury most guys can never afford!!!
    Vettoda Mappilai with dummy power less wife is luxury...but that is not the case with VT!!
    Though being husband of most powerful women in Chola Kingdom is worth the effort!
  • One of the novel I read starts like this, the most enjoyable job in the
    world is being the Vice President of America. You don't have the daily
    choirs of the president, but with all the power and luxury he could afford -
    VT is quite like that.
  • Venkat Thalaiva....intha story naanum ketiruken but am not sure if i have seen any concrete proof on this.

    and...1000il oruvan baathippu rombo toooo much. Any given day, compared to this massacre in paradise , Ra Ma Narayanan's thai poosam movie is an entertainer :-)

    - R
  • I think  Vikraman mentions this in Nandipurathu Nayagi, there is a scene where Kundavai mentions to someone (Maybe to RJC) reg. VT's daughter thro' another wife.
  • I think in Vandiyathevanin Vaal there ismention of VT's daughter through another wife.
  • Dear Kadalaimittai Krupa

    Welcome nack after a long loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time


    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

    To: [email protected]
  • when i visited Dharasuram once, the guide there told me that this (amazing) temple was built by Rajendra's adopted son (Raja Raja II), who is actually Kundavai's son (therefore, VT's son).

    Vengaiyin Maindhan also portrays only 2 daughters to RJC - one of them married to kodumbaalur prince, Ilango and the other to Vimalaadhityan (Am i right with the name)...

    the story fits - right??
  • >
    > the one who supported malik kafur to keep the annamalaiyar intact
    vallala did that?

    good for him
    on the other hand i think he was a a shrewd and cunning king who managed to last longer than all his contemprories.
    vallala survived 3 turk attacks had friendly relations with the madurai muslim suultanate for many years

    in his last years he got it into his head that it was he who was going to liberate madurai from the muslims attacked it. was captured and killed in a gruesome way. his straw stuffed body was hung on the walls of madurai as a warning to future liberators.
  • Vallala must be patiently waiting for a chance and made a bad attempt.

    Kambanna had much resource and people support.

    Is there any Tamil / English version of Madura Vijayam. I only heard the details from a learned scholar. Is there any book available? It had lot of poetry and uruvagams like the Madurai devi coming and pleading.
  • I would like to meet Rajaditya Cholan - who built veeranam.
    Even after 1000 years he still quenches thirst and feeds
    thousands of people. Though confined to few lines in
    history, he is a great visionary indeed . He and other
    countless tamilians who built lakes deserve a better
    place in our history.

  • I'd like to just have 'darshan' of Ramana Maharshi because I believe
    he was the genuine article! The photo we always see of him
    is really excellent & emanates warmth.
  • Dear Katherine,

    Outstanding !!


    RAMANA MAHARISHI .. Great soul..




    He is supposedly mixed with JOTHI on Thaippoosam _ Tamil calender - this year falls on the ever memorable 30th Jan !!

    Liquor shops are declared closed to show respect to him in many parts !!

    I will post details on Vallalar.

    warm regards .

  • dear SPS,
    I'm afraid I don't know much about Ramanar, just
    like his face, and once read a book by a westerner
    who'd travelled all over India in the '40s,
    searching for a genuine holy man: Ramanar was the
    only one he was able to find, I think I remember.

    I was there in '95 at Deepam and saw a lot of
    creepy-looking westerners meditating beside Ramanar's
    bed, while the whole town was happily celebrating
    the great Arunachaleshwar temple and mountain. The
    Ramanar bhaktas were missing all the fun.
    That night the lights/power kept going out at the temple,
    but there was a full moon. It was absolutely beautiful
    walking around in the moonlight w the crowds.

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