forensic archeology of noah's arc
  • freinds,
    today i watched a discovery channel programme at 3.00pm on NOAH'ARC story of bible. the study begins in armenia where a piece of wood is beleived by locals as a part of the arc. the church is shown who refuse a carbon dating of it.

    then the research goes to mt.etna in sicily to show a volcanic valley 8000 years old which had triggered a tsunami. the tidal waves had spread all over the meditarranean coast submerging the coastal neolithic settlements.

    a lebanese village called atlim yam was shown which has a well preserved submarine village ruins. it is 8000 years old and has a neat temple with human and animal bones.

    the animal bones belong to an early domestication stage of cattles by man. they were possibly traded too. the evidence of such transportation of cattle were seen in cyprus excavations.

    the noah himself was portrayed as a tribal leader who had lived in a cave. such caves were shown in the carnel mountains in the coastal isreal. the caves shows evidences of rituals and human sacrifices.

    so, the story goes like ....noah had lead a team of his villagers and the cattle to better place after a tsunami 8000 years ago.

    the researchers did not fail to see the similiarities with the sumerian epic "the gilgamesh" which has possibly inspired the biblical authors.

    our mahamaham, sirkazhi mythologies and the sangam submerges also need that amount of forensic study. i have hopes!

  • > our mahamaham, sirkazhi mythologies and the sangam submerges also need that amount of forensic study.

    every civilisation has a legend of a great flood.
    shiva is worshipped as the boat man thoniappar

    noahs ark traditionally landed in mount ararat in turkey i have heard

  • the legend seems to have started 3700 years back in sumeria
  • I am sure that the scope for such research in Tamil Nadu itself is enormous not to mention the whole of India. The problem here is those in the field are there not because they are excited by what they are doing. They are here as a vocation to earn a living. The country will zealously guard all its treaures and history from being exploited by enthusiasts who can come out with a lot of inconvenient interpretations of findings. So our history will remain well hidden at least for now.
  • sir,

    saamiya pathi sonnaa anubhavikkanum... aaraaya koodaadhu....

    alaanapatta upanishads tell that god cannot be described... only anubavichufied...that is in the Hrdaya guhai.. guhan it is..attributeless paramporul....

    then why we mortals try to research....

    somebody said long back that only govinda naamam will help.. not all our worldy knowledge...

    seerkazhi does not become great if only someone proves... tiruvotriyur does not become great if only someone proves...
    PS group does not become great if only some one proves!!!!

    as the learned members of this group know, everything has inner meaning..

    dhamaaa thoondu arivai vaichikinu nammalaal ellaam idhai aaraaaya mudiyumaa sollunga... appadiye aaraanjaalum what is the use???

    so ellaarum edhaiyum aaraayaadheenga.... 26th venkatesh sir veetla nadakka pora meeting la vandhu nalla saaptu ponga....
  • ayya dhivakar avarkale nallathen sonneenga nanri ayya nanri thenna 26th annikku naangalum avar veettukku varalama

  • It boils down to simple thing - moollah. Money.

    Organizations and individuals who have interest need money. Government and public enterprises might support them. But this would require more effort from the private space too - i.e. us individuals.

    Organizations that already have money can get into this, only if they see more opportunities to generate revenue. For example a Discovery, History or Science channel geared for India. Companies owned and operated by India - so that the Western bias does not get into the research. In order for the public to watch something, there needs to be engaging and positive spin and only Indian companies will provide that - Not BBC, ABC, CBS etc. They are still hung on to the past.

    It is a catch-22 situation. There is enough money and need in India. It is question of some rising to feel the need. Sometimes in the absence of need, a need is created by the marketing folks :-)

    Give engaging and well packaged programmes, Indians will watch it. Back in those days, I used to sit and watch even the UNGC programmes - so badly produced and telecast. Was it Prof. Yash - the long haired dude who was a key guy in that?

    Doodu ba doodu.

    But who will begin? There will be failures along the way. Adhu varikkum, we are destined to watch repeat telecasts of the glories of China, Egypt, Romans, Greeks, Israel & West Asia for years. The West has a fascination because they think their civilization is a product of the Greco-Roman civilization and Israel and West Asia will continue to fascinate them because of their religion. Egypt and China always were exotic and far.

  • The Matsyavatar describes a simillar stories.
  • dhaaraalamaa vaanga... all are welcome.... adaiyaadha nedunkadhavu namma venkatesh sir veedu...

    nallaa saapaadu poduvaanga.... aana saaptu mudichappuram paathram thulakkardhu, veetukku ottadai adikkardhu, thotta velai paakardhu, car wash panradhu ellaam panna vendi irukkum...

    you are most welcome...

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