26th jan meet
  • Hi all

    palaniappan vairam is in city

    sathish back from the us

    swetha is there from bangalore

    so will shoba

    so I propose a meeting on 26th jan republic day
    could be a trip or a meet.
    please make your plans accordingly
  • 26th should be fine.As of now I dont have plans.

    Ramanath...heard that youare coming back for good. Welcome back...
  • those attending

    palaniappan vairam
    ramnath mani
    sundar krishnan
  • web interface undaa??

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • satish

    ramnath coming back for "good" or "FOOD"?
  • Sathish
    you may get tasty and healthy good food
  • Dear venkatesh
    Veneu? AS USUAL BEACH??
  • suggest something>>>>
  • Will join the meet If i am in chennai. For the venue, I suggest the part
    opposite to Fort St George. The place looks really beautiful.
  • hello friends,
    wish you all a happy new year.
    I am sethuraman. A new member to our fold.
    Visited Book fair.
    Bought the following:
    1. Bought one pack of Ponniyin Selvan for gifting to my bro.
    2. Bought "justice jagannathan" by "Thevan" which was missing in my
    Thevan's collections - from "kizhakku padhipagam"
    3. Got all copies of "Surya kadhir" - a new magazine introduced.
    4. Visited vikatan stall - got "gopulu" Madan - Raju - jokes collections.
    5. Got a lot of kids collections from different stalls.
    Thank you,
  • Dear,
    I hope this is the last Legislative assembly meeting at Fort George. You want to celebrate it there
  • Sorry. That was a typo, I meant the Park opposite the Fort St George.
  • I see our good old Dhiwakar.

    Same ?

    dynamic - sarcasm - and flood of informations suddenly.

    welcome back ..

    anbudan / sps
  • 26th evening dear venkat..

    say 430 - 5 pm ..

    Beach - with republic day parade just finished ... there may be still security personnel - though less - parking issues.

    Not averse to Beach in any case.

    alternatively Nageswararao Park ? Luz entrance ?





  • appaada

    nammala welcome panradhukkum group la aalunga irukka dhaan pa seiyyaraainghya..

    nandri aiyaa nandri...

    adhey dhiwakar dhaan.. ellaarum paarapatchame paakaama ennai thittalaam....
  • at venkatesh sirs house.. with suda suda tiffin .. chettinad style..

    aiyayyo..this topic ai forum la discuss pannitene...
  • atlast GOOD for the transferor branch...real happy new year for them..
  • Welcome back for good Ramnath, hope we can meet sometime soon when i m in chennai.
  • were is venkateesh house can i come

  • I am sure the group knows this place. there is also a very old siva temple nearmedambakkam - Thenupureeswarar temple near Siddhar temple. Siddhar temple is a recent one - but thenupureeswarar temple is very old and Sundara Cholan and Anbil anirutha brahmarayar has done thiruppani here. there are modern kalvettu's also. a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
  • Dear Sethu,

    Do you have Miss.Janaki in your 'Thevan's Collection?
    Unfortunately i dont have tat and moreover, neither Alliance(which published his novels earlier) nor Kizhakku have this :(
  • Yes Mouli,
    I have it.
    One of my relatives (father's cousin) is having the entire collection in original binding.
    He is above 86 years and am begging him to part with those to me. But my efforts
    are in vain.
    You don't get the "thrill" (?) or the excitment in reading them in paper packs - and the
    originals have the touch of some jokes (raju - maali- gopulu) and also more than those
    the drwaings - original pictures by gopulu etc. really take you to those age.
    Welcome anytime to my res. No.A-5, Kokila apartments, 40, Malony Road, T.Nagar.
    My phone nos. 24340188 - 24320205.
  • I will make it.
  • very good novel sir... Miss Janaki...but u cannot miss it...

    i have alliance publishing's....

    but the world's mokkaiest novel is "Justice Jagannathan"... summa suththi suththi adikkum....
  • Dhiwakar, namma Venkatesh veetu chetinadu tiffin matter-a ippadi potu
    udachitiye? cha...silenta nama rendu peru mattum poyirukkalam..

    by the way...the worlds mokkiest novel is 'prathapa mudaliar charitiram',
    which incidently is tamils first fiction. dont compete with this...I bought
    it 4 years back and could not proceed after half the book.
  • ellaa uyirum inbutrirupadhuvey allaal veronrariyen paraaprame...

    naan dhaan romba nallava nnu unkku theriyume..
  • but satish pratapa mudali history was the first tamil nove.. adhukkaaga andha novel ai poruthukkalaam..

    aana justice jagannathan irukke.. kodumai da saami.... that too from Devan.. dont know whether that was in his formative years..

    bejaaraa irukkum....

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