what did you buy in the book fair
  • Hi
    lots of our members visited the chennai book fair today

    arvind, setha, sivaram, muruganandam, kns we did a few rows together.
    madan,sathih came a little later

    could members list what they bought today?

  • Here is my list
    Kadalodiyin kambodia, Alwai and madarasapattinam of Narasaiya sir
    South Indian image of God and Goddesses by H krishna Sastri
    Vichitra chittan, SMS Emden, Thirumalai thirudan by Dhivakar sir
  • Hi,

    Actually I had to leave in a hurry today. Guess I would make one more visit
    some time next week.

    1. Dalai Lama
    2. Dandi Yatirai.
    3. Deivathin Kural 1 & 2

  • Hi,

    I had picked the following books:

    1. Pandiyar varalaaru - Sadasiva pandrathithar
    2. Tamilnadu History series - Pallava & Pandiyas periods
    3. History of Tamils upto 600AD - P.T.Sreenivasa Aiyanagar
    4. Tamilaga Kuru nila mannargal - R. Ragahava aiyangar
    5. Sangam period Kings Chronology - Su. Rathinasaamy
    6. Tamizhagam oorum perum - Ra. Pi. Sethupillai
    7. 30 Kalvettukal - Vai. Sundaresa vandiyaar

    and some more of the old books from Madras University and Other publishers. The cholas by KAN Sastry was available in the University of Madras stall.

    I had visited on the 31st Evening and was disappointed to find that Vikatan did not carry Dalai Lama on that day.
  • Dear All,

    Purchased following books:

    100 Selected stories of O Henry
    Kulothungan Sabatham by Vikraman
    Zero Degree by Charu Nivethida

    Dear Nanda,

    Dalai Lama has been released to the stall on 1/Jan only. Delay from press is one of the problems for many publisher this year.
  • I was thinking of not buying any books as many of the books which I bought
    in the previous books fairs (the last i visited was 2007) are still lying
    unread :(. but gave into temptation and wanted to buy 'Thevaram' series. But
    the best i could find exceeded my budget and had to cotent myself with just
    three volumes of 'appar's thevaram from Uma publication (just 3 of the 7
    volumes cost me 500 :( ).
    And a few kids book for my daughter and neice exhasted my budget of 1000 and
    so stopped with 'learn sanskrit in 30 days' :)

    Both logistically and economically book fair has lost its charm. With the
    travel cost of these days, the 10% discount doesnt make much difference and
    buying books at the nearest book shop makes more sense to me. But the
    greatest advantage of book fair, is to get to know what books are there in
    the market, which I think is the prime goal of the fair and it serves its
  • I have listed a few books in a separate thread but here is the complete
    list. Writing it in the same order as I purchased

    1. Who moved my cheese
    2. Men are from Mars women are from Venus
    3. Rajiv Kolai Vazhakku
    4. Sujatha Sirukadhai Thoguppu -- Part 1
    5. Srirangathu Kadhaigal
    6. Kolai Udhir Kaalam
    7. Sujatha Kuru Novel Thoguppu -- Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
    8. Kaviri Maindhan - Complete Set
    9. Udayar - Complete Set

    ~ Udanx
  • Haio
    En kitta oru varthai sollirundha Udayar en copy (that too 3rd to 6th volume unopened) paadhi vilaikku thalli vittiruppene!!
  • For us, this year was more of a ritual visit than to buy (not to boast, but
    we now have more books than we can ever read all our lives with the library
    thingy) - I still ended up buying a few childrens books apart from:

    - dalai lama (by Muruganantham)

    Muruganantham presented me with a copy of 'dandi yathirai' for the help I
    extended during the writing of the book - Thank you, Muruganantham. I
    thought it rather amusing (and sad) to see that he himself had to 'buy' a
    copy to give me one... Vikatan stands a notch down than before in my view.

    One book I was expecting, that didnt make it was Kanchi.

    chandamama publications collector edition was pathetic and didnt trigger any
    feelings to own one. It was appaling that the person in charge kept
    insisting that he would give 10% discount on subscriptions over and over
    again (as if we didnt know he had to - to participate in the fair)

    Pricing - I also find it amusing that both publishers and book shops price
    the book at MRP and provide it at a 10% discount - I mean, shouldnt
    publishers sell at 10% less than their cost?

    Duplicates - I guess if we remove the duplicate showpieces of books like
    those like Kalki and Sandilyan among the various stalls, they alone would
    shrink the size of the book fair by 10-20% so much repetition. I understand
    that every stall-owner wants to sell more, but it adds to the monotonity of
    the visitors - over years, the visit has become more and more boring - more
    of meet the friends, rather than find a new treasure (book)
  • Dear Madan,

    Really I should thank you for the help you have extended to me. As a matter of fact, Vikatan did provide me copies which are due to the writer. I should not have let you know that I have purchased book for you.

    Endrum Anbudan


  • madam

    naan ungaloda andha udaiyaar copies a "edaikku vaanghikkaren" .. thalli vidareengalaa???

    Rs. 5 per kilo .. dealaa no dealaa!!! orey oru vaarthai... oh ho ngra vaazhkai...!!!1
  • one complimentary copy of all your titles please...
  • No deal!  adhukku naa BK kke freeya kuduppaen :)
  • > One book I was expecting, that didnt make it was Kanchi.

    thanks . so did I

  • i also really miss that book..!!!!
  • Here is the books list I bought this time.. wanted to buy PS, Udayar (and
    few books suggested PSVP members) but due to budget cuts from High command
    :-) couldn't buy them.. targetting them for next year...

    1. பார்த்திபன் கனவு (கல்கி)
    2. ராஜிவ் கொலை வழக்கு மர்மம் விலகும் நேரம் (கிழக்கு : கே ரகோத்தமன்)
    3. தீராக்காதலி (உயிர்மை : சாரு நிவேதிதா)
    4. தாழப் பறக்காத பரத்தையர் கொடி (உயிர்மை : பிரபஞ்சன்)
    5. சாந்தாமணியும் இன்ன பிற காதல்கதைகளும் (உயிர்மை : வாமு கோமு )
    6. இந்தியப் பிரிவினை (கிழக்கு : மருதன்)
    7. அய்யனார் கம்மா (அகநாழிகை : நர்சிம்)
    8. ஒரு பொருளாதார அடியாளின் ஒப்புதல் வாக்குமூலம் (விடியல் : இரா முருகவேள்)
    9, 10. அகத்தா கிறிஸ்டியின் இரு ஆங்கிலப் புத்தகங்கள்
    11. The Golden Gate by Alistair Maclean
    ஜீனியருக்கான சிறு சிறு கதை, கலரிங் புத்தகங்கள்..
  • I forgot to share this info from book fair. Not sure how far it is true.

    I was checking out the PS books (chumma oru second copy vangalamnu...) and
    when I was chatting with the sales man in Vanathi pathipagam, I asked him,
    why dontyou publish PS with pictures...there is a huge market for PS with
    pictuers and even if it is sold at 1000 or 2000 rs. people are ready to buy.

    he told me that its in print and because of the demand for book fair, they
    didnt include the pictures in the book fair prints. Within a month or 3 PS
    will be released with pictures (hopefully maniams') and another sales man
    seconded this.

    Venkatesh - can you pls check with Vanathi and confirm this. I came back
    without buying a copy of PS as i thought aother 3 months will be worth a

  • I doubt it but will check up

  • Hi,

    Been to Book fair today.

    Comrade Nallakkannu speach..

    As usual Vikadan - Palaniappa Bros - Vanathi - Manimegalai like Popular Publishing crowded..

    Could see various Editions of Ponniyinselvan, tamil agarathi, thiruvasagam etc.

    As usual in Madras University stall - The Colas - Tamil Lexicon avl.

    Did not notice Banarasidas or Asian.. missed to see Thanjai Tamil University stall also.

    Picked Dalailama (Muruganandam) - Rajakesari (missed to ask for Paisasam) - Emden (to gift) some animation CDs on panchathandram - mulla etc for kids (soft view - THF) - Narasayya's Kadalodi - Aalavoy.

    Could see good sales for CHOs books too. Picked Hindumahasamudram in Alliance ... Bagavath Gita in Tamil (discounted rate) Rs. 100.

    Even on a working day good amount of visitors...
    But did not see active purchases..

    On the contrary - opposite side - Old Books shops - there is good crowd / sales. Picked Knowledge series well-bound 20 Volumes @ Rs. 50 / each. Religeous preachings by Kanchi seer - Baba like wise for Rs. 20 / each.

    Popular english fictions are also avl for Rs. 20.

    Some research books - travel books - Interior - Biographies etc., are avl for throw away prices between Rs. 20 - 50.

  • > Did not notice Banarasidas or Asian..

    arvind and I visited asian

    Bagavath Gita in Tamil (discounted rate) Rs. 100.

    every stall had a 100 books stacked in front
    > Even on a working day good amount of visitors...
    > But did not see active purchases..


    sales seemed to have been best on saturday sunday
    hopefully next week also

    > On the contrary - opposite side - Old Books shops - there is good crowd / sales. Picked Knowledge series well-bound 20 Volumes @ Rs. 50 / each. Religeous preachings by Kanchi seer - Baba like wise for Rs. 20 / each.
    > Popular english fictions are also avl for Rs. 20.
    > Some research books - travel books - Interior - Biographies etc., are avl for throw away prices between Rs. 20 - 50.
    > sps
    > ----------
  • Banarasidas was i think was towards the left side of the fair. Got a
    catalogue which is almost a mini book by itself.

    I think everyone is feeling that the book fair has lost its charm. Maybe
    because of over 'hype' in recent years, there is huge crowd but the
    purchasing crowd is the same old crowd...thats why sales is not as
    proportional to crowd.

    Was searching for Ramakrishna mutt stall but could not find it.
  • Dear Satish Arun,

    RK Mutt was about 3rd row from the East, almost at the Northern end.

    Remember to have seen Anandavikadan opposite to that.

    Alliance - Vikadan - RK mutt - Omkaranandha - almost in vicinity.

    Missing NDTV Vaidhyanathan.

  • Dear Venkat

    If I were you I'll start with the Golden Gate..its an impressive book read it a long while ago..the heroine if I am not mistaken has a weird name April Wednesday!


    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

    To: [email protected]
  • Sir,

    I was at the book fair on the 30th evening when it was inaugurated by the CM also was there on the next day. I was in Chennai for 10 days due to an unfortunate event in my sister's family.

    A.Vaidyanathan, NDTV
  • //
    Dear Venkat
    If I were you I'll start with the Golden Gate..its an impressive book read
    it a long while ago..the heroine if I am not mistaken has a weird name April

    Thanks Sri.. I haven't yet read alister. Picked up the book as the plot was
    interesting. Thanks for your recommendation. Already started reading it.
  • Sad to know of the misfortune.

    time will heal.

    regards / sps
  • Hi

    I went on Saturday and bought the following books

    1. KPT Siripuraja Cholan -- Crazy Mohan
    2. SS Emden
    3. Ayyanar Kammai - Narsim
    4. Ketavarthai - Charu Nivedhita
    5. Rajiv Gandhi kolaivalaku
    6. Ki.Ra sirukathaigal

    Need to visit one more time. Was expecting Paipasam but not available
  • Hi,

    I am just back from book fair....raided two shops...here is the list
    totally 25 books ....

    Cilapatikaram - Ramachandra Dikshitar
    Tamil India - M.s.Purnalingam pillai
    Collected papers of Thani Nayagam
    Landscape and Poetry - Thani Nayagam
    Chieftains of Sangam Age - K.D. Thirunavukkarasu
    Six long poems from Sangam Tamil - N .Raghunathan
    Four Long poems from sangam tamil
    Social life of tamils - the classical period - S. Singaravelu
    Manimekalai Translation - A.Madhaviah
    401 kadhal kavithaikal - kurunthokai oru arimugam - sujatha
    Purananuru oru eliya arimugam - Sujatha
    Maritime History fo South India
    Meengal Andrum Indrum S.parimala
    Love lyrics long ago - A.V.Subrahmaniyan
    Encyclopedia of tamil literature vol 1,2,3
    Kalinkathu parani in english
    Studies in Tamilogy -S.v.Subrahmaniyan
    tamil poetry through ages: ten idylls
    murukan the lord of kurunji land
    Tamil social history vol 1,2,3
  • panakkaara saami... engalukkum edhaavadhu konjam paathu pottu kudunga... vilavaasi ellaam romba eri poi kidakkudhu...

    idhellaam nejamaave padippeengalaa saamee.....
  • sir,

    rendu varusham kalichu india vanthuruken....that too seeing all books in my list in store..couldnt resist...
    25 book didnt cost me even $100... ethaye if i had bought just 2 books in US it would have costed me more than $100...it would have taken me another 3 years to apply all these books in interlibrary loan and get it...
    Already I have got 60 books through interlibrary loan and scanned them ...By the time I leave india I would scan these books and leave...
    so in pen drive of 2 gb I have unique collection of books on sangam literature...a collection which cannot be found in any other library in the world except in my pen drive!...

    Most of these books in the list cost only 30-70 rs(except for the encyclopedia and the collections).

    I am surely not going to read all these books fully..but I use them as reference - and refer them whenever need instantly ( some members would surely vouch for my reference capabilities).

    Everybody has some madness in them...my madness is to collect all English works on Sangam literature and have a one of kind pen drive library!
  • Hi Vairam,

    Please keep multiple backups of ur pendrive..
    You never know when they get screwed up.
  • vanakkam,

    Happy New Year to all the members. Visiting the book fair after two years was a nice experience. More good to see friends.

    Here is my list

    1. Vengaiyin Mainthan - Akilan
    2. Paranthagan Makal - Vikraman
    3. Rajakesari - Gokul (paisasam was not available)
    4. Dalai Lama - Muruganantham
    5. Manase Relax please I+II - Swami Sugabodhanandha
    6. Paalangal - Sivashankari
    7. Thamizh book for my son and some activity books & Amar Chithra Katha for the lil ones at home.

    Vishwaksenan's Indra Dhanasu, S.Balasubrmanian's Moha Malar and E.Balakrishnan Naidu's Danaiykkan Kottai are the books am looking to buy.

  • Hi All,

    A very Happy New Year to every one. I purchased the following books.

    1) Vanthaargal Vendraargal - Madhan
    2) Sakthi Darisanam I & II - Kaashyapan
    3) Deviyin Thiruvadi - Kaashyapan
    4) Buthisaaligal - Osho Rajneesh
    5) Kaadu - Jeyamohan
    6) Vedapurathu Vyaabaarigal - Indra Parthasarathy
    7) Vandiyathevanin Vaal - Vikiraman
    8) Thedadhe - Dr. Rudhran
    9) Dalai Lama - Muruganandam
  • saamee

    100$ aaa.. 4500 roobaa saamee.. ennoda 15 days sambalam adhu.... adhai poi kamminnu solreengalaaa????

    engalukku inge personal loan kooda kudukka maatengaraanga... unga oorla librarykku ellaam loan kudukkaraanga...

    naanga pen drive ngra vaarthaiye ajith nadichcha billa padathula dhaan kelvi pattom.. neenga adhukulla library ellaam vaichirukkeenga..

    aandavan ungala nallaa vaippaan saamee...
  • Sir,

    Seriously this topic is not worth while to discuss in a public forum...if you have grievance in my spending on books send me email in [email protected] and I will explain you as much as I can on why I spend money on books.
    Making an issue out it in public doesn't look good. The forum can be used for much better topics than discussing how much a person spends on something they like.
  • Dear Swetha Madam
    My books (Indhira Dhanusu and other 4) are going to be released only in the first week of Feb., the publisher has just informed me. I too was expecting the release for the Book Fair, but due to some circumstnces the publisher was unable to make it. Little disappointment for me also.
  • sir

    i would also have appreciated had you sent me a private mail regarding this ...

    please understand sir... never was an issue made out of your spending sir.. afterall its yours... and why should i have grievance on your spending sir??

    now business asusual has started in the forum sir..

  • Hi,

    Visitied the bookfair today.Lot of crowd as expected :)
    All major publishers like vaanathi,palaniappa,alliance,kizhakku etc were overcrowded.
    Got to see paisaasam in PB. I got the following books.

    1) Rajakesari
    2) Paisaasam
    3) SMS Emden
    4) VisithraSithan
    5) Thevan books from alliance. Couldnt get Miss.Janaki :-(
    6) Short novels by SVV from alliance
    7) Thalaianai Manthropadesam (as recommended by DB)
    8) Some Indira Soundararajan novels.

    Forgot Muruganatham's DalaiLama. Remembered it only when i came out. Will try to get it from the publisher directly.

    Large number of Paisaasam copies is now available.So, our members can get the same when they visit either today or tomorrow.
  • Hi
    Buy Devan books from Kizhakku. Their books are of a much higher quality & priced well.
    Esp. their Thuppariyum Sambu omnibus edition is too good. I have Miss Janaki but from alliance :(
  • Hi Shobha,

    I have got all Devan books from Kizhakku. But they havent published everything of Devan.Infact i have some works duplicated between Kizhakku and Alliance.
    So got the lesser known Devan works like appalakatchery, balli samiyin thuppu etc from Alliance today.
  • hi

    i had a chance to spend some time with artist padmavasan. it was wonderful
    morning with hot idly - and refreshing to see how he was encouraging his
    little boy to sketch as well - he evaluates every sketch of him and put down
    the date as well. Self and arvind spent over two hours convincing the EO of
    perur temple to allow us to photo graph the famous pillar sculptures and
    finally he relented after seeing our work. I was showing the photos to sri
    padmavasan when he went he recounted his experience in sketching the same at
    perur. he went in and brought out the original sketches of perur pillars !!.

    incidentally , he did mention that alliance have come out with a two volume
    work on the travels of Kanchi Paramacharya. the highlight was the 60 odd
    sketches of silpi that adorn this work. I immdly set out to mylapore to get
    it - rs 550, the collection of sketches were superb but the size of book
    restricted the size of the art work - yet a real treasure trove for silpi
    fans - there was a sketch of the perur temple by the master himself in the

    incidentally when in coimbatore, i got introduced to a friend whose father
    was running a centre for srividya meditation near the foot hills of anuvaavi
    temple. we left early morning after seeking confirmation that there were no
    elephant around. my joy knew no bounds when i found two sketches of silpi
    adorning the walls of the medidation centre !!

    will try and feature all these in poetryinstone shortly.
  • hi members in this bookfair pls try agatha chirstie's tamil transelated novels, its in kannadasan pathipakam
    there try crooked house, and death in clouds
    these are excellent novels.

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