Water Harvesting in traditional Hindu civilization
      See the video of the Talk by Anupam Mishra on how Water Harvesting was done by Hindu civilization for centuries (especially in Rajasthan Desert):
  • Thank you so much for bringing the A. Mishra video to my attention.
    He's very inspiring, and the slides he showed were great.
    Kathie B.
  • That was a marvelous presentation. Thanks. As Mr. Anupam Mishra rightly
    pointed out the kind / style of water harvesting done in those areas may not
    be applicable to other parts of India as well. But there should have been
    ways through which water would have been harvested in other parts as well.

    Probably Chola Naadu had loooooooooot of water Thanks to Ponni (Cauvery) or
    water harvesting done in Chola Naadu as well.

    ~ Udanx

    On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 3:18 AM, Katherine Brobeck
  • Well said - TMS.

    Even though the ponds / wells are de-silted all the source through which
    they get the water are taken care (Read blocked) and the lake / pond goes
    dry and after few years the lands are sold for the so called development.

    The huge lake @ Kaarapakkam chennai where we have the TCS office is supposed
    to be a huge lake. How many of you have travelled in that route. Garbage has
    been dumped in that lake for ages ...

    ~ Udanx
  • A couple of decades back, the ground water level was at max 10 feet deep.
    Any well will fetch water at 10 to 20 feet. A decade back, 200-300 feet
    borewells came into existence and today even at 500 feet its difficult to
    find water. If this was case 20 years back, 1000 years back, probably water
    was there at 5 feet.

    But if we notice any old 1000 year old temples, we can see well designed
    water channels that collect water and led them to the temple 'tank'. Even
    though water was not scarce, our ancestors knew how to conserve them.

    east or west, our civilization was the best.


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