• Hi Friends / Dr Sridhar...

    Can any one let me know about what is this "Uzhavarappadai"? I don't remember reading any mails on this topic, since I have joined the group. Is it any movement / activity / Iyakkam.... No idea... pls let me know something on this.

    Regds / Suji
  • Hai,

    Uzhavarappadai is a group of volunteers which will
    clean the temple and its surroundings.

    With Regards,
  • > this group is devoted to ponniyin selvan..

    Dear sri,
    Nobody seems to read the introductory note to new members. may be we
    need to send the material along with the welcome mail to new members.
    Many other groups provide lot of info about their activities in the
    welcome mail - pl consider that option.

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