Tamil Novels on Chozha and Pallavas
  • Hi,

    I was wondering if there is any tamil website, which gives user ratings for the new novels which are coming up. This will ease the buying process for any reader.

    I have gathtered a list of tamil novels on history from udumalai.com. I am not sure what theme and story is about each novel. If anyone can guide me which one should I read first and suggestions like that, it will be helpful. Hope many of you might have read most of the given below list books already,

    Chozha Novels

    1. Chozha Nila
    2. Chozha Ilavarasan Kanavu
    3. Chozha Magudam
    4. Vallathu ilavarasi
    5. Chozha Vengai
    6. Udaiyar
    7. Nandhipurathu Nayagi
    8. Vandiya Thevanin Vaal
    9. Raja Thilagam
    10.Raja Muthirai

    Pallava Novels

    1. Kadal Mallai kadali
    2. Maravarman Kadali
    3. Pallava Thilagam
    4. Nandivarman Kadali
    5. Pallavan thantha Ariyanai
    6. Mani Pallavam
    7. Varaga Nadhi karaiyile

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • Dear,
     How do you forget our great anusha venkaesh kaveri maindan
  • Hi
    there is a complete list of tamil novels almost all of them published till now ( in the files section to the right)by a member sundar krishnan who has most of them. he is obsessed with collecting the novels.i think he has the largest collection ever i should guess.
    i think we should orgnise a member meeting with him. he resides in besant nagar.

  • One of my favorite is missing in Chola Novels - Yavana Rani - This is one
    cool and best of Sandilyan
  • Beautiful list venkat. Dhiwakar's novels are missing. Vamsadhara, Thirumalai thirudan, SMS Emden.

    Book ratings: Try virubaa.com

    http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/UD_LSnJSbuFrHQD59sCu3nsaC8eK4p8Egtw6F1rXUe543xxvtK3v0JoZ5ePb-gw4K1gqk4g-7JRAQooR876R/historical novel list April'09.xls
  • Hi gokul
    not my list but sundar krishnan who has all these novels in his collection

  • Hi,

    I have completed reading the fabulous Kaveri Maindan and Vengaiyin Mainthan (Akhilan). The list which I presented was the new one which I am planning to read. So advice from you all will be great, so that I can choose the next one to read.

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • Thank you Venketesh Sir. I have downloaded the .xls file and it has about 411 novels list. A wonderful collection.

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • Dear,
    After kaveri mainthan udayar by balakumaran may be suitable
  • thank the elusive sundar krishnan. i badly want to fix a meeting with him for chennai members but not happening

  • Dear venkatesh,
     If  you arrange a meeting, kindly inform me I will also join

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