RajaRaja II and his 5 consorts pallippadai temples
  • Dear Lovers of Chola History,Here I present you a new subject,Rajaraja Chola II and his 5 consorts' pallippadai temples,which I discovered in 1994 .
    As requested by Mr.N.Sethuraman of Kumbakonam, ASI, Unearthed two inscritptions to the left side of the main entrance of Darasuram temple,in 1979. The second inscription belongs to Kulothunga III flashed a new light on his father Rajaraja II and his 5 consorts' pallippadai temples.Though Darasuram inscription was not clear,Mr Sethuraman with the help of a inscription from Kancheepuram,surmised that the location of the pallippadai sight was in Niththa Vinoda Valanattu,Avooor Kutrathu, Utrukadana Rajaraja Chadurvedimangalam.
    He searched for the sight for nearly 15 years.As I was close to him he had asked me to take the task.I was fortunate enough to discover the long hidden truth.
    Mangalam is a tiny hamlet with maximum 50 families,near Papanasam in Thanjavur dt.There in a coconut grove,remines of temples,5 sivalingams fragment stones with inscriptions are found in a scatered condition everywhere.Most of the sculptors were taken away,said the villagers.Ooththukadu is very close to this village.
    I took Mr.Sethu sir to the sight.He was simply stunned.He agreed with me .He took me to his house and gave me the file containing detailes of his research on this subject.
    I submitted a paper on this topic in Tamil Nadu Archeological Society conference held at Ramashwaram in 1990.The gatherings accepted my findings.I would like to take our group to that village.
  • WOW. This would be a nice trip.. The weather is also getting better.. How about a week end after Diwali??
  • wonderful. if it could be after deepavali, i will also be in the Trip. :)

    pls keep me posted.
  • edhuva irunthalum decemberla plan pannungappa....
    I am planning to come back to India for good. Mostly by Nov end or in Dec.
    Hope everything goes as I think....(should get released by the manager here,
    have to get a good project back in chennai...hmm....evvalavu irukku)..

    So if in Dec i too can join.

  • very nice dear Selvaraj Sir.

    Will be in touch.

    thanks for sharing.

    regards . sps

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