what book are you reading now?
  • Kathie, boxcar children is Gertrude Warner, an american author, not enid blyton.

  • Hi Kathie, i have read Newby a long ago..he wrote one more something Hindukush also..nice wry british sense of humor but lot of things seen through colonial lenses.

    We were talking of a travel-cookbook related to India. I should look up the name.

  • > Both 'Dennis the Menace' and 'Peanuts' originated in
    > Northern Calif. where I grew up. They were typical of
    > suburban life in single story, spread-out houses built
    > around there. It was easy to visualize families like
    > theirs -- parents appreciated the clean gentle humor.
    > Kathie

    hi kathie
    one common feature between the two
    Lucy" van Pelt in peanuts and Margaret Wade maggie

    the know it alls

    were girls like them common too in Ca? just joking


  • Dear members,
    I shall be thankful if you kindly brief the summary of romapuri pandian written by our CM

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  • dear Venketesh,
    Little bossy girls exist everywhere, i think.
  • > dear Venketesh,
    > Little bossy girls exist everywhere, i think.
    > Kathie

    ya sure kathie, we have been talking about big bossy girls like the chola princess kundhavi and pandya princess nandini in this group so often.

    but kathie have you heard of a parallel dennis the menace in england.


  • picked up Gandhi and Churchill by Authur Herman. Interesting to read about
    some of Churchills's comments about India and Indians.
  • Hi

    i am quite interested in early years of churchill in india.
    reportedly there is a club there which has records of his unpaid bills.

    could somebody recommend a book on this.

    one of the very few politicians of the world to get a nobel for literature( kennedy got a pulitzer)
    churchill used to stutter or have a lisp and overcame it to become one of the greatest orators of all time(the Stuttering Foundation of America uses Churchill, pictured on its home page, as one of its role models of successful stutterers)

    … we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

    one humorist hearing this speech reportedly remarked " what a fine description . it sounds so much like our family holiday"


    churchilss famous quote
  • Venkatesh-

    For a most detailed version of Churchill's biography please refer to Martin Gilbert's Churchill- a life, 1000 odd pages, classic bio, a British pride.

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