Ponniyin Selvan Movie Trailer
  • REWINDA MOVIE TOONS (Chennai) established in the year 2003 with a focus
    to bring new lead into animated movie making. Our objective is to
    narrate fables in 2D animated version equivalent to International
    standards. Animatronics is a motion picture that speaks to children.
    Many stories, poems and other types of literature, were animated
    specially with the young in mind.

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  • Very Impressive. Good work. The research done is obvious in the scenery
    details, etc. The attention to detail in the horse(especially during full
    gallop), VD, etc is very good. Im sure the full movie would be fascinating.
  • Fantastic, Very good attempt. When the complete movie will be available?
  • That was Wonderful! Great attempt! Very eager to see the full movie soon!!!
  • Superb!!! Waiting eagerly to see full movie.
  • wonderful attempt
  • Cool. For several years, many people have talked about this and dreamed about this... Some promised to make an animated movie and no one got to this level.
    You guys are the first one to show a trailer.
    Great job. The Tamil community awaits and owes you a lot. Accept my standing ovation...
  • Dear Sir, it was a great animated clip!! Some suggestions - please use different faces (esp male) - looks like all are similar. Also some background voice giving a brief introduction would help understand/introduce the story better I felt.

    The scenery and horse ride were very beautiful, also the families on bank of river celebrating Aadi perukku was lovely.

    Great job please do keep it up.

  • Dear Sir,

    We also take this opportunity to record our sincere appreciation for your spendid work.

    Some tiny suggestions to you to ponder and reject if not workable ::

    1. Obviously for those who read PS this appears to be the FIRST CHAPTER. VERY NICELY DONE.

    See whether you can putin two more male figures (Adithakarikalan and Parthivendran ) with a Fort background (with Mallai type temple in the back drop inside the fort - Kailasanathar to make it known as KANCHI) returning into the Fort - so that viewers will be knowing our Hero is coming out of the Kanchi fort after being seen off by AK and Parthivendran.
    If complicated - Horse leaving the (Kanchi) Fort alone will do.. This is very very important and significant event.

    2. Too much greenery - too long dense forest .. If possible pls show small hills before reaching cultivable lands in between ... Viewers will understand our Hero is crossing Pallava Kingdom.

    3. A village " sandai " - market gathering type - may show more enthusiastic participants in Aadiperukku.. Also more young couples on the bank of water front .. Re dress - pls take cue from Manian or Padhmavasan.

    4. You have been meticulous in showing FEW KANAVAYs (water inlet /outlets) which Kalki numbers to about 74 and identifies with St Ramanujars 74 Sub-peetams !! Wonderful..

    5. One side cultivable land and other side lake (Veeranam) - excellent... We have been seeing this frequently... Even last wek I travelled from Sethiathope to chimdambaram on this route - road formed on the BUND... You have shown this very well !! Kudos !!

    6. Face & Physique of Vandhiathevan :: You have done it too well. Now we are all eager to see the others too - especially Nandhini - Kundhavi - Arumozhi and AK !!

    With very best wishes & regards ,

  • Hi,
    Wonderful job on the trailer. VD's physique is great. I endorse Sps sir's
    suggestions as well - showing VD leaving Kanchi would be nice. And maybe
    introduce some variation with the sound? just my two cents.

    Looking forward to more!
  • Dear Rewinda Team
           The trailer of PA first chapter is wonderful. I request when adding the suggestions by dear SPS ,one more factor may also be considered. Kindly look into the clothes the people wearing. There were no Jippas or Pyjamas and Pants at that historical times. Kindly let the people to wear the clothes of historical times. I suppose that will add a plus to the wonderful historical movie. Regards
  • Dear Sir/ Madam
    It was an excellent effort...Please keep up the good work.
    I would agree with SPS and Vira-rajendra's comments
    The greenery starts predominantly south of Kollidam
    Vandiyadevans charector sports an armour...you have him bare chested
    The Viranam kanavais were excellent...the paddy fields are a bit disproportaionate too small...
    In Kalkis discription the banks were full of people bur appareciate you effort of capturing every event...kids playing..kootanchoru...old lady offering him food...lovers picking the flowers and throughing ito the water...
    As it is a commercial venture you might want to use the charectorisations of Maniam,Vinu or Padmavasan...
    Kind Regards
  • oops i meant Veeranaarayana eri.. but then i realize it IS there..
    Great job anyway!!
  • Hi All

    Mr Ramesh who is directing the animation of Ps met me today. ( actually he called me up thro my family doctor and I asked him to enlist in our group a couple of days before)
    I have asked him to meet SPS

    he said he has a lot of small small doubts which i asked him to voice in this forum , and assured him he would get immidiete answers.

    I am sure members would co operate.

  • Wonderful effort. Thanks so much for the endeavour. I hope we can show this to our children and build their interest in PS as well.

    The art work is beautiful, yet simple. The music is quite good.

    A couple of comments

    1. Please try not to re-use facial expressions repeatedly. The closing/opening of VD's eyes comes no less than 3 times in such a short clip. (I just saw the new Pixar movie "Up" and they say each facial expression took 2-3 days! Of course, they can afford that, so just a suggestion)

    2. When you are showing the people around Veeranam, why not use natural sounds of talking/playing rather than just the music? Make VD come to a slow halt, focus on the activity/sounds in Veeranam and suddenly go to the arrival of pazhuvettarayar's boats.

    3. I thought VD's horse initially did not have the "kulambu". He got those only on his way to Kanda maran's house. I realize it may not be possible to include every little detail/incident in the movie, but just wanted to mention it.

    Looking forward to seeing more!
  • I do not know the expertise of the people who created this, but it is not very impressive.

    Watching the trailer reminded me of reading the first few pages of PS. The attention to detail is very good, and probably that could become the weakness too.

    So who is the target audience? Is it just PS fans or is it general audience? PS fans might love every frame of it, but the general audience might find it long-winding and slow. I can still remember Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan - the characters looking at each other and music. It was torturous 20+ years ago.

    Nice effort but one has to keep the current population and target audience in mind.

    The animation quality has to be improved. I do not expect Pixar quality, but one would need a little more to capture people's attention.

    I am sorry to be little harsh, but this is my feedback.
  • Wow. That is a great effort. A big bow to the team. It is huge effort,
    my hearty wishes. It was a dream for me when I was in college to make
    PS as an animation. Finally it is going to happen. Can't wait to see
  • Re: [ponniyinselvan] Ponniyin Selvan Movie Trailer

    Venkateswaran Kasrirajan replied earlier ::

    Cool. For several years, many people have talked about this and dreamed about this... Some promised to make an animated movie and no one got to this level.
    You guys are the first one to show a trailer.

    Great job. The Tamil community awaits and owes you a lot. Accept my standing ovation...
    SPS adds ::




    CREATOR of this Trailer says : this is my humble beginning in an attempt to answer !!

    regards / sps

  • Dear SPS,
    Can you get me an introduction some time please ?
    Thanks and best regards,
  • Hi,
    It is a great effort, I am so happy to see PS as movie .
    But one thing I noticed was the appearance of VT.
    Shouldn't he be Dark , tall and slim?
    Height cannot judge with the horse, but he seems to be too fair for the description given in PS.
    Some how I feel that VT was exactly brought out well in the Anna Flyover statue.

    Best of luck for your efforts, there are so many people in this forum and many people across the world waiting for this effort.
  • I think it is a good start.

    Some pointers though:

    a. Dress of the villagers during the time line seems more 'modern'
    (when they took care to identify the forest path/veeranam boundary
    etc to ancient times, I am not sure why this was left out.)
    b. Kalki's horse riding sequence does not actually convert to the cartoon as the natural description is more powerful inside the human mind. So the work around would be to curtail the loo...ong horse back..
    c. Music, can be a bit more dynamic. Seems ok but a bit choppy.
    d. More animation, less cartoony...
    e. VD looks sleepy in some angles and brilliant in others.

    Yes, the human mind understanding is very definitely more powerful than the visual media, even with all the monies, Lord of the Rings or Harry potter is no match for their book equivalent.

    Here, though it is animation.... the boundaries of imagination and creativity can be exceeded.

    Kudos to the effort, and I pray that it turns out to be a classic. I really would like to see this as a success. So ,good luck to the re-creators.

    - R
  • Ha Ha

    rahul hits the nail on the head

    but I warned Mr. ramesh that most PS fans are like that

    reminds me of one incident ( with no offense meant to any body)

    when kamalahasan met the producers of the Ponniyin Selvan play by magic lantern he reportedly asked' mylapore maamiyellaam aalukoru copy Ponniyin selvanoda vanthu ithu sariyilla, antha scene ippadillai nnu solli yiruppaalE?

    but then as I told Mr. ramesh every ps reader has his own vision of
    the story.

  • Venkat, I certainly agree with Rahul and your observation that we should not be throwing too much criticism at a maiden attempt at such a big venture. It is a laudable attempt.

    I would just like to say one thing as someone else pointed out - and this is not a criticism, more of a question. Who is the intended audience for this venture? Is it a simplified venture targeted at kids/young adults, or for grown ups? Perhaps whatever the improvements are should be tailored based on the response.

    Regarding kamal's nakkalana comment may be true but he does not hesitate to critique other people's work with or without a notebook (or even don a maami role if necessary :))

  • I would just like to say one thing as someone else pointed out - and this is not a criticism, more of a question.
    Who is the intended audience for this venture?
    Is it a simplified venture targeted at kids/young adults, or for grown ups?
    Perhaps whatever the improvements are should be tailored based on the response.

    Dear Ramesh

    please take these questions into account.
    i think your marketing team should answer this and advise your creative side.
  • This post is not to tell them how to do their job, this is to share my thoughts with other members. Being a professional company, I am sure they no more about making movies than me.

    My criticisms are not from the view point of PS fan. Any movie has to know its target audience. As I remarked the animation quality is not impressive.

    In USA (and probably it happens in India too), there are pilot programs for the soap operas, serials etc. Marketers conduct research before launching products.

    Another aspect to consider is what is the goal of the company that is making this? Does it want to please PS-fans? Does it want to make a name for itself? Does it want to enter a niche market?

    Adhunalae dhan ketaen, what is the target audiencendu. Based on the audience, the company will hopefully get a cross-section of people to pilot test and get feedback. And maybe our group is just one of them giving them the feedback.

    Only an avid PS-fan will be able to appreciate the minute details. So getting feedback only from the seniors or avid-fans will not give them a comprehensive feedback.

    If you can get the chance then please read the book "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. He talks about the effort companies put while making the children series "Sesame Street" and "Blues Clues".
  • As far as PS Toon is concerned, a dispassionate view on the topic...

    the target audience if they are kids / young teens - i would definitely be curious on the data they have to delve into this venture. Going by current gen youngsters, this toon needs to be racier to conjure some interest.

    If it is adults, who already read PS, they would obviously expect more, like the too many cooks in here :-)

    Either way, I am sure the investors have thought about it much. I am sure they would also consider each cook book while planning the dish :-)

    PS: I heard mylai maami's also have a different opinion about Mr.hassan :-)
  • Hi:
    Ponniyin Selvan was originally published in the Kalki weekly magazine with the artwork of artists initially by "Chandra" (?) and "Maniyam" father of the present artist Maniam Selvan. during the years 1953-1958 in 5 parts.  My mother used to exclaim the craze people had every week to chase the magazine.  The 5 parts from the magazine were carefully collected from the magazine week by week and bound by my uncle for use at home. 
    I read with reverence those bound volumes during my school days in the late sixties.  People used to borrow those volumes and during such exchange some of the volumes were not returned!   Similarly, "Alai Oasai" and "Sivakamyin Sabatham" were also bound at home and those are also missing todate and we do not know where they are!!!
    During the 70s, 80s and 90s (?) the above three epics were republished in the Kalki weekly with the artistic sketches of "Vinu" and again the same were bound at home during the 70s.  Sadly, these volumes were borrowed by friends/relatives and none of the volumes were returned and I was longing to see those volumes.
    However, for the love for Kalki's writings I have purchased the printed sets, of course,
    without those beautiful sketches the old volumes were carrying!  Same case with
    Na Parthasarathy's Kurinji Malar and other historical novels published those days besides the historical novels of Sandilyan in Kumudam and  other stories of SAP, Ra Ki Rangarajan and scores of other writers.  We used to have nearly 200 bound volumes from the magazines to make up our home library and none are with us now!!!
    How sad - now we are fighting with time due to technology advancement and multiple distractions through TV, Cinema and other entertainments.  And who has the time to
    read magazines when every thing is available in the net?
    Now only the memories remain and to my dismay, unfortunately my children brought up in the CBSE environment and living in Germany and Australia do not know anything about these great works and I can discuss the past from time to time only with my wife!   It is
    really paining to have traded our mother tongue for their career advancement!
    It is a nagging thought which  I wanted to share my agony with PS members.
    vancheeswaran gopal
    [email protected]
  • Hi Vanchee, there are lots of people here who have copies of old book bindings. I am like you too - I really dislike the printed material of today with no pictures and condensed to save money. I used to very much like Chandra/Sri Maniam's drawings. Vinu I am not sure.

    Udanx once suggested an old book market in Trichy which has good collections for sale.

    You can ask members for specific books they might be willing to lend or share in some way. I belive scanning these precious material is very important for future generations.


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