MAHASIVARATHRI - Grand old Siva temple
  • On the eve of Mahsivarithri, I heared about a distinguished old Siva
    temple in chola land in a remote village named NALLUR between kumbakonam
    and Papanasam (near sunderaperumal koil-G.K.Moopanar's place).

    Description: This Shivastalam is a Maada kovil built at an elevation and
    this hillock is referred to as Sundaragiri. It is located at a distance
    of 6 km from Kumbhakonam. The Shivalingam here is believed to manifest
    itself (Suyambu lingam) ; from the ground to 15 to 20 feet tall; Another
    beauty is that it appears in five different colours at different periods
    (Kaalams) in a day (hence Panchavarneswarar).

    Aavoor Pasupateeswaram is considered to be the 20th in the series of
    Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river Kaveri.

    LEGENDS: Agasthyar is said to have been blessed with a vision of the
    marriage of Shiva here. Bhringi Muni and Narasimhar are said to have
    worshipped here. Tirunallur is also referred to as Dakshina Kailasam;
    and it is related to the legend of the trial of strength between Vayu
    and Adisesha where a peak of Mount Meru (Sundaragiri) fell at Nallur and
    formed a Shivalingam. Legend also has it that Kunti the mother of the
    Pandavas bathed at the Saptasagara theertham; there is an image of Kunti
    in the temple. It is also believed that 'Mucukunda Chola' associated
    with Tiruvarur, placed the image of 'Tiruvarur Tyagaraja' at this shrine
    (enroute to Tiruvarur) for a three day period and offered worship here
    (.....much older than Tiruvarur temple.........before 7th century CE

    TEMPLE: An image of 'Kalyanasundareswarar' (people worship for marriges)
    and his consort are seen in the sanctum behind the Shivalingam.
    Presently only two worship services (erundu kala poojai) are offered
    here each day. During the annual festival, images of deities from nearby
    towns converge to participate.

    The practice of placing an icon (Zadari) containing the imprint of the
    deity's feet on the heads of devotees is carried out hetherto only in
    Vaishnavite temples, commemorating Appar's surrender at the deity's feet
    here at Tirunallur. The image of Natarajar here is of great beauty.
    Inscriptions from the period of Rajaraja I and from the period of Uttama
    Chola are also seen here, in addition to several from later years.


  • Yes. It ia place to note when we go to Kumbakonam or Tanjore next
  • Hi,

    I have a small comment on the Aavoor Pasupateeswaram temple's Legend.

    Actually it is said that Agastiyar came to south and was in Thirumaraikadu (current Vedaraniyam), as there is still a place called 'Agastiyampalli'.

    Also the Lord Shiva temple in Vedaraniyam has a unique nature. It was here that Muni Agastiyar god the vision of Lord Shiv & Parvati in marriage costume (Kalyana kolathil katchi kuduthar), as the Muni was in south. Thats why the Garbha graha of the temple has Lord Shiva & Parvati as full statues in great ornaments behind the Shiv lingam.

    Please do advice, if I have conveyed anything wrong.

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • Yes, Shankar, you are right.

    For Agasthiyarmuni, Lord Siva is said to have shown the 'kalyana
    kolam' at five places namely, ThiruMaraikadu, ThiruNallur,
    ThiruVerkadu, ThiruMazhisai & Idumbavanayam.

  • Actually it is said that Agastiyar came to south and was in
    > Thirumaraikadu (current Vedaraniyam), as there is still a place
    > called 'Agastiyampalli'.
    > >

    agathiyan palli is a devara shrine between vedaranyam and kodikarai.
    one can see all three temples in half a day provided you have a

    > > Also the Lord Shiva temple in Vedaraniyam has a unique nature.

    the temple lamps are supposed to be famous like the charriot at
    thiruvarur. infact appar mentions the beauty of the lamp in his

    also the closing and opening of doors in response to the singing of
    the devaram occurred here.

    a story similar to bramha hatti in thiruvidai maruthur exist here
    too. here its is vir haththi and the protagonist was rama.
    very rarely there are three lingams in seperate shrines calle chera
    chola and pandya lingams.

    some rarities

    navagriha in straight line
    saraswathi without veena

    > Lord Shiv & Parvati > in marriage costume (Kalyana kolathil katchi
    once a year the idol maraikaatturaiyum manaalar gets a santhana
    kaappu which is removed only the following year.

    very rare was that this temple till nationalisation was managed by
    ' "YALPANAM VARANI AATHEENAM" which may(?) have been in jaffna ,

  • Namaskar

    Sivan at Nallur give moksham to Amarneedhinayanar,one of the nayanmars.

    In some places even birds and animals got Moksham like eagle in
    Tirukazhukundram. In Nallur ,Lion got moksham.

    Sivan in Nallur kovil is swayambu and located in first floor. We have to
    go by steps.

    one more news: King Hyderali of Mysore introduced coins having
    Umamaheswarar form in one side and the letter of HI on the other side.
    It's weight was 3 grams. One coin is available in Chennai Museum which
    shows the form of Umamaheswari sat on the laps of Siva.

    In some temples even birds and animals got blessings and
  • Thank you Balanchandar Sir. This is a piece of news to me.

    Thanks for letting me know.


  • Thanks R.Venketesh Sir for your valuable comments about the place and the temple.


  • Interesting
    u know something about Thirumarai kadu.thats great to know about that.i guess u work very hard to collect allthese informations Mr. Venkatesh
    nice of u

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