Kulasekara azhvar
  • Dear SB,

    > I was not aware that the famous " Icchuvai thavira yaamboi indira
    > logum aalum acchuvai perinum venden Arnagamaa Nagullane "
    > Kulasekara Alwar was father of Cheraman Perumal.

    These lines were sung by Thondar adippodi azhvar on the lord of
    srirangam - not Kulasekara perumal.

    Kulasekara has sung very beautiful hymns on lord rama - but he is
    remembered more for his pasurams on Thirumalai.

    His 10 thirumalai pasurams are sweeter than honey.

    In that he will say that he does not wish to rule earth and heavens,
    but just wants to be a small fish in the tank at Thirumalai.

    aanatha selvathu arambaiyargal tharchoozha
    vaanalum selvamum mann arasum yaan venden
    then aar poonjolai thiruvengadach chunayil
    meenaai pirakkum vidhiyudaiyan aavene...

    More touching stanzas come at last.

    He will say :

    sediyaya valvinaigal theerkum thirumalee
    nediyaane, vengadava, nin koyilin vaasal
    adiyarum vaanavarum arambaiyarum kidandhu iyangum

    The great king says he just wants to be the Padi in front of the lord
    where the devotees cross !

    In vaishnavite tradition, the padi just in front of the garbagraha
    (in all shrines) is called "Kulasekarap padi" in memory of the
    azhvar. It is believed that azhvar takes the form of this padi in all

    Devotees cross this padi - but no body steps over it - even now!
  • - Dear Gokul @ Tendu,

    That is very much interesting. Are you watching the increase in
    membership for the past one week?!

    Let us make some consolidated stuff as agenda for detailed discn.

    Regards. SB
  • Thank you very much for writing about Kulasekar
    Alwar's pasurams.

    I always used to wonder why one does not step on the
    front 'padi'of all temples. Even I do not step on the
    'padi' without knowing the reason.

    Thanks once again. Please try to include TSCu version
    of the pasuram if possible.
  • Dear SB

    the truth is we have lost some good members but no one has noticed..sad but true

  • Dear Shri Sridhar,

    Mistake me not..

    I consider Dr. Jaybee as Bradman, yourself as Sir Sobers and of
    course Gokul as Tendulkar ! No offense meant .. Rgds. SB
  • Dear Mr SB

    Thats very kind...but please call me Sri...
  • I did.
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