Traditional debate on Rig Veda in Kerala
    Preserving the Vedic culture
    Kadavallur (Thrissur dist): On their annual pilgrimage to the Kadavallur Sree Rama Temple, Vedic scholars brush up their knowledge of the Rig Veda.
    Kadavallur, a sleepy village in north Thrissur, tunes in to Veda chants as scholars meet for a unique debate, called Anyonyam (face-to-face). This year’s debate will conclude on November 25.
    In Kerala, only the Rig Veda used to have an institutionalised teaching system. The Yajur and Sama Vedas were traditionally taught in Namboodiri homes.
    ‘Anyonyam’ represents the meeting of two major Rig Veda practitioner groups based in Thirunavaya Math and Brahswom Math, which were once patronised by the Zamorin and Cochin kings respectively.
    “Such a contest for Rig Veda scholars is held nowhere else. Similar exercises for the other Vedas too are unheard-of,” says Kannippayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad of the Kadavallur Anyonya Parishad.
    ‘Varamirikkal’ constitutes the competition. ‘Kadannirikkal’ and ‘Valia Kadannirikkal’ are the titles conferred on the winners.
    In the first phase of training, students learn the Rig Veda Samhitha (text) by rote. In the next phases, they practise ‘Padavibhajanam’ and ‘Prayogam.’
    Several methods of ‘Prayogam’ are prescribed, but the ones popular in Kerala are ‘Vaaram,’ ‘Jata’ and ‘Ratha.’ When a student gains expertise in Samhita, Padachhedam, Kramam, Jata and Ratha, he competes for the title, Kadannirikkal.
    What is the contemporary relevance of Anyonyam?
    “Till now, the Vedas were considered mere rites. Thanks to efforts like Anyonyam, it is now a part of an intellectual discourse in Kerala. Through seminars and discussions held as part of Anyonyam, the Vedas are being subjected to modern inter-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary studies,” says C. M. Neelakantan of the Parishad.
    Poet Akkitham says that Anyonyam signifies a reform in the Hindu community. “Only Namboodiris were once involved in matters related to Vedas. All Hindus are now allowed to witness Anyonyam inside the temple. Countless people watch the proceedings through the visual media. As a result, people of all communities take an interest in a secular, scientific study of the Vedas,” he adds.
  • Ok sir
    What is the meaning for Rig?
    Who created it?
    What it quotes or advices?
    Teaching is different.
    Does the teacher knows the real meaning?

    Will he come forward to explain this?

    What is science behind these vedic Mantras?

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