Where was Raja Raja Chola buried?
  • hi friends i could like to know at which place Raja Raja Chola died Where was
    Raja Raja Chola buried? if any one about it tell me

  • Basic doubt! What was the practice - cremation or burial? In fact it is
    quite difficult to find a burial place for kings where as there are many
    'brindavans' and samadis for acharyas, and religious sants all over
  • Sampath,

    As I understand, the older Tamizhs'tradition was to bury, whilethat of thosewhowere inclined to Vedic culture was to cremate. That is why westillcall the graveyard as "idu-kaadu" where burial takes placeand "sudu-kaadu" where cremation takes place. Well today we may a lotof these graveyards which has both "idu-kaadu" and "sudu-kaadu" together.
  • Hi Venkatesh,

    Nice explanation. I never knew these differences!



  • கொஞ்சம் பொறுங்கள் ! எனக்கு கொஞ்சம் தெரியும்
    தஞ்சை அருகில் தான்
    நான் நேரே போய் புகைப்படம் எடுத்து
    விரிவாக போடுகிறேன்.
  • Venkatesh: My doubt is specific; were the kings burried or cremated.
    Probability of building a memorial on a burial site is much higher; but
    we don't find such memorials for great kings.

    I do not deny that both practices were prevalent. It is possible to make
    a list of the castes which practise burial even today.
  • Ooops!!!!

    Sampath, sorry for the misunderstanding. I thoughtyou had asked a generic questionasto what was invogue. That is why I jumped in with my answer.

    Coming to your question...................., Ikeep quiet as I dont know the answer.... Sorry
  • Let us get back to our Kalki. I don't remember him making any mention of
    burials/memorials for Vijayala, Aditya and Karikala chozhas.

  • udayalur village near by tanjur.
  • -Hi

    can someone explain in detail what a pallipadai is?
    i assumed a king (or queen) is cremeated and over the urn of ashes a
    shiva temple is built.
    originally it was for a fallen hero at the site of death.

  • >
    > udayalur village near by tanjur.

    thats just one of the possibilities.
    in fact we have no evidence on rajaraja's death except when chola
    kalvettus stopped mentioning him.
    so many of his predecessors are know by the way they died - vadakkil
    ... pon malikaiyil... etc. but not rrc.
    when i studied in chidambaram i always heard porto novo-
    parangipettai was where he died.
    in our discussion we have even had a wild thought on whether the big
    temple was his pallipadai- quoting its abandonment soon after.


  • I never knew Manisha Koirala is our group member and that too talking
    about chola history... just kidding :)

    Can we atleast try to use the actual names of places, like Tanjavore
    rather than the anglicized 'Tanjur'?
  • *Though it came from Manisha Koirala ( ?) ,I think the place is correct *

  • Raja Raja Chozha should have been burned not buried as per Hindu traditions...
  • The difficulty is because of non recording of events properly during that time. A detail research is required to identify the exact date of death of the great warrior.
    We have to give big salute to him either he is burnt or buried. He has done good things to the society and till date we are remembering that is his real success.
  • Hindu tradition supports both. Varnashrama has a part to play. Children
    and sanyasis and 'all' in some castes are buried.
  • I would like to know why cant the ASI do an excavation on that site and find the details on RRC so called Tomb?
  • *I think an article came in the last year aanandavikadan devali special
    issue,regarding the burial place of Rajarajan.*
    *I like to go for verification and take some photographs soon. If any
    body near this place also can try.*

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