Most Hilarious Scene in PS
  • Pudhusu Illai. naan silent spectator!!! (The last msg I posted was on
    tamil and I dont remember when it was)
    pi.ku: Definitely SS is not as "kalakkal" as PS... well this is just
    my opinion. So dont post replies attacking me.However I welcome
    1. Its amazing that the whole main stream story of PS takes place
    within a small period of time but SS stretches over many years and
    this fails to captivate my attention.
    2. SS is purely based on love and valor but PS has politics, love,
    valor, religion and many more mixed with that subtle (at times not
    subtle!) sense of humor.
    3. SS's main characters both sivagami and mamallar are kinda fickle
    and sometimes in the novel I feel that they were too emotional. SS
    had a villain like many stories. But as someone had said earlier the
    fascinating fact about PS is that there is actually no villain (i.e.,
    no one is bad. everyone performs their role due to some reason).
    4. In fact in SS I have even thought at some points as to why she
    unnecessarily took such a vow.(I do admit that its ending is so
    beautiful... but still it doesn't entice me as much as PS which is
    evident from the fact that I must have read PS atleast a couple of
    dozen times but SS- only thrice!!!)

    Prathiba Natesan
    "Two roads diverged in a wood and I-
    I took the one less travelled by,
    and that has made all the difference"- Robert Frost

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