Regarding PS group in Kalki
  • Mr. Ravi,
    In March 2003 The writeup about the Mudhal Yathirai and about
    Ponniyin Selvan Group was published. I was the Sub Editor at KALKI
    at that time I had the luck to go with the team. On return I wrote
    about the journey and the places we have seen. The original script
    is with me now. If you want I can send it.- Vishwaksenan(Kalki)---
    In [email protected], "Sivapathasekaran"
  • Dear Sir,

    Great to learn that we had a write-up in Kalki some years back. I was not in Chennai then, and I might have missed that particular issue.

    If someone here has this original issue, could he/she share it with others? Or, could we request you, sir, to scan the pages and post them on the group site.

  • Dear VJ,

    Thanks, saw the pages. I would try to take part in the next tour and relive the experience.

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