Pillayarpatti Vinayagar
  • Since we have started discussing about Vinayagar and TNadu, just
    thought I could share some info about this temple, which I have
    visited several times.

    * The temple is believed to be built by early pandiyas. (Ref Early
    pandiyan rock cut temples by Dr.C.Sivaramamoorthy)

    * It defies the myth that only pallavas were executing rock cut
    temples - because this pillayar is also rock cut structure. (Namakkal
    temple believed to be of narasimhavarman origin is actually by the
    Kongu adiyamans - but that is beyond our present topic)

    * It is also slightly different to pallava style of rock cut
    structure - because only the main moorthy has been carved in a small
    rock - the temple seems to have been built around a bit later.

    * Looking at the temple, I also have a feeling that it was ganesh who
    was carved first. Because, only after getting the carving right could
    the temple be built. Thus, a ganesh temple could have been convered
    to shiva temple - at a later date. I am not sure about this - may be
    a baseless speculation.

    * It is a valampuri vinayagar - not commonly found in many places.

    * The original temple is a shiva temple (sung in devaram, if I am not
    wrong) - but became a prominent ganesh temple in course of time.

    * The temple is pretty big and is presently maintained by chettiyars
    very neatly. It is one of the 9 temples of Nattukottai chettiyars.

    Ganesh worship was in Tamilnadu well before Siruthondar episode. It
    is interesting that we see Lord muruga in sangam literature but not
    ganesh (if I am not wrong). Ganesh appears somewhat with avvaiyar
    episodes and can be considered to be a bit late that Lord Muruga.
    But since there were many avvaiyars at several points of time, it is
    difficult to pin point when Pilliyar worship started exactly. Can
    anybody quote the first reference to pillayar in ancient tamil
    scripts ?
  • Wow... I didnt know.. So the avvaiyar in "thiruvilaiyadal", who sings
    pazham neeyappa.., the aathichoodi avvaiyar, the sutta pazham
    avviyar, adhiyaman's avvaiyar... are they all different? or am i
    overlapping any of the avvaiyars? was it kind of a patta paer, or was
    it a last name?
  • Atleast there were five avvaiyars :-))

    * The one who got nellikani from sangam age king adhiyaman (1 to 3 AD)

    * The avvaiyar who was during sundarar - seraman perumal time (7 AD)

    * A later date avvaiyar who sang athi chudi and kondrai vendan (?)

    * Avvai T.K.Shanmugam avvaiyar :-)) (20th cen)

    * K.B.Sundarambal avvaiyar :-)))) (also 20th cen)
  • Hi all,

    Interesting to know about avvaiyaars of different age.

    I came across an article about Ganesh worship. thought will post it


    And regarding the museum artefacts, sad to know that many copper
    plates are sold and destroyed for their metal value. Probably if we
    indians had the realization and preserved these treasures probably we
    would have got lot more info about our history and culture.

    Someone has to take initiative to preserve atleast whatever is
    existing, and to bring back the treasures from the foriegn countries.
    But on second thoughts, after thinking about how well these would be
    preserved in India, I think probably it is better that these
    treasures have found place in foreign museums where they will atleast
    be properly maintained, rather than face the destruction in India
    though it would mean that we cannot get hold of the information or
    see them when we want.

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