On TB Script Part - 1 History of Writing
  • Dear venkateswaran !

    Excellent beginning..

    One personal question !

    Being a Software professional , prior to joining our Group, did you
    ever think that you will be writing on "Tamil History" and share it
    with such a large gathering ?

  • Dear all,

    Here is the part-1 of my series of articles. In the next part I will
    cover the transitioning/ adoptation of writing in Tamil Brahmi
    script in ancient Tamilnadu. We will also see the variants of the
    script and a rough timeline. Happy reading & send your comments too.
  • 1) Vaaram Oru Inscription - We can examine one inscription per week

    2) Vaaram Oru Arasan - One King per week

    3) Vaaram Oru Chapter - Recently I saw a movie "Jane Austin Book
    Club. In this movie a group of people set out to read one Jane
    Austin book at a time and discuss it and see how it afffects their
    lives. Like that we can read one chapter in PS a week and discuss
    the people and scenario portraited.

    ... we can do a lot. Only some volunteers are needed to steer things!
  • Hi all,

    I must say, these seem to be great ideas. Not to mention the fact I get to
    learn more and more about our history - and get more material to write :)
    Looking forward to it.
  • Dear,

    I am sorry I could not reply ..

    Venkat is well-versed on these ..

    Let some new member start ...

    Vairam is a new member yet has posted lovely details on sangam
    literature. So is V Venkatesan.

    Re Moghuls, Writer Madhan has written in detail.

    We will discuss - as rightly obesrved by Vizag Dhivagar - from
    Sangam period Kings...

    Pandyas to start with..

    Dhivagar Sir,

    you yourself open the account.. Another will follow.

    regards/ sps
  • > We will discuss - as rightly obesrved by Vizag Dhivagar - from
    > Sangam period Kings...
    > Pandyas to start with..

    Hi All
    i differ
    the earliest kings have the least details available.
    i think time should not be a factor. that should be thiru's problem.
    he can list them chronologically in the archieves.

    I think dhiwaker should write on any later cholas or mahendra
    pallavan- something he is very strong at.
    then the other topics we could cover include
    rrc, rjc, koperunchikan, etc.


    > regards/ sps
  • Dhivakar wrote ::

    sps wrote :

    I have noticed reference to KOPPERUNCHINGAN in our R Venkat's

    Looks he is getting armed...

    Request him to commence on this..

    Re Sangam Period Kings, I will make some opening..

    KADAIYEZHU VALLALGAL ... Vairam can take ...

    Among them ADHIYAMAN's daughters getting married with the help of
    Kabilar - Avvayar, Kabilakkal at Thirukkoilore, and those famous
    inscriptions .. Vijay may be the best bet !

    Dear Dhivakar,

    After Sangam / Pallava -

    Pls get ready to write on Simha Vishnu !!

    anbudan / sps

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