Little known work of Mylai from Dr.JB
  • nabargale,
    Dr.JB writes more about mylai's work in agathiyam.
    I'm sharing it here for the benifit of many.
    But, if you guys feel these discussions should be strictly restricted to PS Varalaaru, I shall gladly do so.
  • Hi all,

    I know u are all eager to know whether we got any book from Vasantha
    padhipagam or not.

    Myself and Krupashankar went there today by Rendungettan velai 11'0
    clock. After some search we finally located the Padipagam by around
    12'o clock. That padipagam actually belongs to one person called
    pulavar Mohanarangam. He introduced himself like that and told that
    his poems are there in 11th & 12th syllabus. We told him that we are
    part of PS group, that we are thinking of having a library and for
    that purpose we require Mylai's books. He thought it to be a full
    fledged library with all sorts of books. So he started showing all
    his works. Finally krupa had the courage to tell him that we had come
    only for historical books and that too in particular mylai seeni's
    books. Then he took out all the Mylai's books that were there and out
    of those books we selected 4 and bought them.

    The four books we got are:
    Kongu Naadum, Thulu Naadum
    Kalapirar Aatchiyil Thamizhagam
    Sanga Kaala Varalaatru Aaivugal Part 1 & 2

    Some more books of Mylai published by them are:
    Mylai Seeni Thamizhukku Vazhangiya Kodai - Parts 1, 2 & 3
    Recently published books
    Buddhar Jatakak Kadhaigal
    Goutama Buddhar
    Bouddhak kadaigal
    Bouddhamum Thamizhum
    Isaivaanar Kadhaigal
    Unavu Nool
    Anjiraith Thumbi
    Samayangal Valartha Thamizh

    Other books which may be of interest to us but written by some other
    authors are

    Pingala Nigandu i.e.Andhakkala Thamizh Sol Agaraathi. By some author
    (I don't remember the name).
    1800 Aandugalukku Murpatta Thamizhagam by Izhatthup Perarignar Mu,
    Kanakasabai Translated in Tamil by pulavar Kaa. Appaduraiyar.

    We got the catalogue of the books published by them.

    So there are totally 8 books with us, (including the four books Gokul
    is having) which we can bring online. And FYI they don't have any of
    the Mylai Seeni's hand written works still not published. Whatever
    they got they had published it seems.

    So we may have to use some other resources to locate those
    handwritten unpublished works of Mylai.

    So that's all there guys.

    Krupa-vukku pinnaal, - @krupa

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