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  • Hello all,

    I agree with Mathy, Sridhar et al on the money-in-the-group issue. I
    couldnt mail earlier because I was travelling when the issue heated
    up. Thanks, Kamal for the decision.
    Two things, my 1.75 cents worth :) :
    1. I was just curious if we had any paperwork done when we donated
    the money for Rajamanickanar Institute. It would be nice, and safe,
    to have records of donating huge amounts (Rs.11,496?), because, all
    the money we spend, is taxable, whichever government we are paying
    tax to. If anything was done, could the people involved please share
    it with everyone? If it was not done, I would suggest we get
    something in future, considering legal issues.

    2. Doing donations through a charitable set up. Sometime back, we had
    a discussion going on, most of them off the group, for starting a non
    profitable organization (Thamizhnadu varalaaru aarvalargal??) and
    involving money there, and people willing to donate can do it through
    that. Is that idea still around? That would be nice, if the people
    who are into it, living locally could do it.

    Again, my 1.75 cents worth!
  • Thilak,

    The details of the donations to Dr. Kalaikkovan and
    how we arrived the figure 11,496 are all available in
    our files section. Have a look at it.

    Lavanya had uploaded it on June 13th itself. The name
    of the file is Irandaam_Yaathirai_Expenses Group.xls.
    This file contains two worksheets. They are Expenses
    and Donations. The information you require can be
    found in the second sheet Donations.

    If you need any more info on this, please let me know.
    I will provide it.
  • Thanks Kamal,
    I DID see the xl file on the files section (thats where I got the
    figure from). I was just wondering if there was any paperwork done
    during the donation- by paperwork I mean, a receipt or something, or
    was it over-the-counter handover kind of a transaction. I dont want
    to see anything, just wanted to know if we did anything of that sort.
    Sorry if my previous mail wasnt clear, I am a bit of stressed :(

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