Impact of kalki on this generation
  • Hi all,

    As part of semmozhi thittam, the central government is preparing documentaries on varios Tamil personalities, including Kalki. Mr. Renganathan, a freelance cameraman has been entrusted and is handling Kalki and documenting his impact even after generations.

    If any any few of us are willing to share your experience on reading ponniyinselvan or SS or alai osai or any of kalki's works (in a positive way ) or about Kalki himself...please speak and send the(preferably, video) recording. If you have a webcam and are willing to come to yahoo messenger to be recorded using a profnl camera, please let me know. Or just drop me a mail if you are in chennai and are willing to come in person for the recording... I will let you know the date and venue based on the number of persons that would like to participate.

    Please let me know/send your recordings as soon as possible since there is not much time and the venue needs to be finalized in a week's time utmost.


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  • Our Venkat's novel 'Amarar Kalki" might give some inputs, though I
    haven't read it yet.
  • Very gud information...
    thanks Krupa.

    lv. sps
  • GOOO Venkat!! :)

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