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  • Hi,

    I was trying to read Kurunthogai (from projectmadurai)
    and was not able to follow most of it (I last read
    some of those poems years ago in school). I guess
    projectmadurai website wouldn't want to upload urai
    for them bcos there may be copyright issues. But, how
    about we set up a wikipedia style website, where
    people can write their interpretation/meaning for the
    poems (and the poems themselves can be linked to the
    appropriate pdf files in projectmadurai, for example).
    This way, tamil beginners will be introduced to the
    joy of reading tamil poems, and also, nuances in the
    poems will be brought out from the multiple

    don't know if this exists already..

  • I picked up a urai by Sujata sometime back in Adyar Odyssey for
    Kurunthogai. It is very good in simple Tamil.
    BTW, Kurunthogai itself is a great compilation with a lot of
    references to the lifestyle of the Sangam Tamils.

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Hi
    what was sujatha writing last in mangayar malar.
    an urai for divya prabandham?
    artist veda who sketched for it told me tearfully that he went to se
    sujatha whom he had never met a few weeks before. but sujatha had
    gone out.
    veda could never meet him after that.

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