Thank you all, Your help is remembered.
  • Dear All,

    Thank you for all the support, guidance, logistics,
    prayers and wishes.

    It's been a year since my 5 year old daughter
    underwent open heart surgery. She has recovered well
    and improved a lot.

    Our special thanks to the blood donors ( your blood
    still runs in my daughters veins ), to the operation
    crew ( especially to Dr. Cherian and Dr. Prem Sekar)
    and the nurses ( who did a wonderful post surgery care
    ) - your services to this nation are none other to

    And finally to the management & staff of Spime, Mr.
    Prasath's family that helped us through the recovery
    period and to Ms. Deepa Prakash who gave us the
    guidance through the process.

    May God bless you all.
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  • Good to hear VK. Best wishes to her.

    This also reminds me another thing. Soon after your daughters
    operation, we all (Venkat, Siva, Natarjan Srinivasan, you and I)
    went to a short ECR trip and i think thats the last trip we or
    rather I went.
    my god. one year athukulla odi fast?
  • we all (Venkat, Siva, Natarjan Srinivasan, you and I)
    > went to a short ECR trip

    yes sathish
    thiruvidanthai chola temple( sivaramukku athan palam ippo
    marakkanam chola temple
    sangam age pandya temple at yali cave
    pallava stone quarry
    muslim fort at alhambra

    great day.

    and poor natrajan how we ragged him about his grandpa's will.

  • via ECR and I
    > am interested to know more about your following mentioned places in
    > the ECR.

    Hi Raju
    welcome to the group

    from chennai to pondy in this order

    1. thiruvidanthai nityakalyana perumal temple, with RRC edicts after
    crocodile park'

    2.sangam age pandya temple at yali cave 5 km before mahabs on the
    left adjacent to tiger caves.
    3. pallava quarry , at the pouint where the by pass ends and the
    road into mahabs starts( you can see 3 unfinished ratha type temples.
    its a protected monument but you can go in and see the marks of the
    stone splitting.

    4. al hambra fort is a left from kadapakkam( 102 km from chennai) its
    a sea side brick fortress( comes in a few movies like veyil, etc)

    5 marakanam- the temple on the left on the main ecr itself( 125 km or
    so from chennai) has some chola edicts.

    do try to visit them
  • Thanks Mr.sps
    Thanks a lot Mr.Venkatesh for your detailed comment.

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