Benazir - History repeats
  • Benazir:
    What a lioness!!
    Well aware of dangerous of terror in front of her!
    Yet she faced till the last moment.
    But it is a victory to the great lady
    and a great loss for the terror.
    Prey for the soul rest in peace.

  • Political assassinations in the Ravidasan days seemed
    to kill only the person they desired to do away with.
    Today with these crazy suicide bombers so many more
    innocent lives are lost.

    Benazir had guts - it is completely a cowardly act to
    have killed her.
  • For Ravidasan and soman sambavans - atleast there were reasons to tell the world
    (viirapaandiyanin thalai kondavanai pazhi vaanguthal)
    But for what these terror groups acheived?
    cowardness only

  • HI
    Muruganandams " feroze gandhi" is in the presses right now and will
    be released in the book fair.

    he too in the last page has written about the gandhi family in a
    similar way.
    he has said that except for feroze all his family died unnaatural
    perhaps if feroze had lived longer these would have ben averted?

  • Some may say the master brain behind this plot is Musharaf's and some other
    say its by Jehadis. This is how I see this ...

    Both India and Pakistan and to some extent China have realized that the
    co-existence of these three economies in a Healthy Way is a MUST for the
    growth of these three nations and South Asian economy. So who will be afraid
    of another Healthy Economy in this part of the world -- which will
    destabilize their monopoly ... Probably they are the actual back brains
    behind this assassination.

    I may be wrong also ...

    ~ Udanx
  • Hi Udanx,

    Your reasoning is at fault, since Pakistan is their closest ally with India
    behind and China at the end of the stack. So no point in
    creating a political vacuum there.

    Who ever may be the brain behind, the brunt is on the people of pakistan.
    Considering current state of the country I guess this
    assassination is going reverberate for long with violence and political
  • This TRIANGULAR equations are always unpredictable..

    MUSHARAF :: Supreme Commander to Caretaker Political Head on the way
    to Democratic Political Head..

    BENAZIR :: In Exile till recently.. Well received by Musharaf
    (underhand dealings speculated)

    SHAH NAWAZ :: Survived with the help of Saudi Monarch. Nominations
    rejected. Boycotting elections..

    AL-QUEDA :: Primarily Anti- American.

    Now look at the INDIA - PAKISTAN - CHINA equation from American
    point of view and draw conclusions from Anti-American point of view..

    We TAMILS have LANKA also to be taken into consideration ..

    We should be rock solid - should not look into INDIA
    microscopically !

    And I agree with Dhiwakar, BENAZIR had Guts to face Death as she
    was sure Death was staring at her closeby ...

    A Great Leader, she was, preferred to die in the War, than otherwise.

    Salute to Her .. Undoubtedly a charismatic Leader .. !

    (Pranab Mukerjee could have avoided his earlier comments on her)

    Re BENAZIRs Assassination BETRAYAL is the Word Crossing my mind ..

    I think the same word crossed Vijay's mind too - causing mention of
    Ravidasan & co..

  • Al-Queda: Anti Human.

    My sympathy with Benazir, she was a brave person. The most corrupt
    however. She has never completed her 5 year term through out.
    It is a sad pointer in the brutal political history of Pakistani
    deaths, liaquat ali khan, the first prime minister was also
    assassinated there.
  • Hi
    benazir knew about fate controling her life

    her famous quote

    "I didnt choose this life, this life chose me."

    really worth reading is Daughter of the East: An Autobiography
    (Benazir Bhutto)

    some trivia about benazir

    she was of sindhi- iranian -kurdish mix
    her anscestral town is called bhatto in haryana.
    she was president of the oxford union during college days
    her husband zardari was popularly called " mr. 10 percent" because he
    was supposed to take that amount as commision from all deals during
    her reign.

    though it may seem different today both her terms was full of
    corruption and pakistani economies took a nose dive.

    1988 at age 35 she was the youngest person — and the first woman —
    to head the government of a Muslim-majority state in modern times.

    1988 People Magazine included Ms. Bhutto in its list of The Fifty
    Most Beautiful People

  • HI

    I might sound a sour note on this occasion but we all have to think
    in historical terms.

    corruption breeds poverty
    and poverty drives more people towards religious fundamentalism and

    if the above statement is acceptable then bebazir is responsible for
    the state of pakistan today.
    its not just re quoting of her opposition in pakistan. but I remember
    she being convicted by a swiss court and given a suspended sentence.

    poverty ridden pakistan is in the grip of fundamentalist extremists.
    and we in neigbouring india have every reason to be worried.
    rememeber they have a backyard full of nuclear missiles and much of
    our political and industrial centres are well within the reach of
    their ghauri missiles.
    what if they fall into the wrong hands.??????
  • I hope you are aware of the sloka in Mahabharata where it starts with
    "Maya Chaaro Maya Varthathae...", sorry I am not a scholar but heard
    this from my Guru, it's literal meaning is "Nallavanukku Nallavan,
    Kettavanukku Kettavan", in which case, I wouldn't compare/relate the
    recent event with Mahabharata events.

    No offense meant.
  • Hi

    I beg to disagree. There is a sizable amount of visible poverty in
    India; and definitely it has not spawned religious fundamentalism, as in
    Pakistan, Afganistan or Iraq. Even the rich Arab countries are not free
    from it. There is more to it.

  • -Hi sampath

    if you consider naxals as extremists we have them in areas with the
    maximum poverty in india too.
    also extremism is high in areas with huge rich poor divides and where
    people use the government machinery to create their own fiefdoms.

  • In October e-mail, Bhutto said she would hold Musharraf 'responsible'
    for her death

    Not sure about the source authenticity.
  • Hi Venketesh,

    There are two issues.

    1. Religious fundamentalism, which is not dependent on rich-poor
    divide. Any discussion will open a pandora box.

    2. Social divide: Rich and poor differences will always exist, and
    infact the ratio of richest to poorest (in assets) is increasing in
    modern times. I think the poor will not revolt if they are not
    exploited; evrn in RRC's time, there were poor living in huts and the
    like Peria Pazhuvettayar living on top of 'kubera's fortune'.

    Perhaps people in those days did not go without food or shelter
    irrespective of their social status; it will be intersting to find out
    who owned the 'land' and 'water' resources. A nephew of mine, who is now
    doing PhD in architecture, in US, is of the firm view, that land reforms
    introduced by the British is the root cause of our 'landless labour'
    problem. I will request him to elaborate.

    I am curious to know how agricultural land was distributed and owned in
    RRC's times.

  • Poverty cannot be alleviated to religious fundamentalism.. Rather,
    its the ideology behind religious terrorism..

    If we find the conspirators of twin tower attack, or mumbai bomblast,
    or parliament attack, most of them are highly educated persons..

    And what's the reason they indulged in terrorism.. To uphold their
    religion by destroying the perceived enemy..

    So here, poverty is not the root cause.. its just been utilised for a
    different cause


    Coming on to naxalism.

    How come, people suffering from poverty buy scores of arms & ammunition?
    You may say, because of poverty they are moving towards extremists..
    So in this case, poverty is not the root cause.. some highly educated
    extremists, utilising poverty to mislead people..

    If we eliminate the extremists, then people will strive to find some
    jobs, amidst poverty.

    If we are not willing to agree this simple straight forward truth, i
    believe, we can never find any other thing as real reason.

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