Thoughts - Unique aspects of PS! An awesome job
  • That was an awesome mail. It threw light on so many points. these facts, i think many must have been felt but not keenly observed. thank you Gokul, for summarising them.
    I have a doubt now:
    how old was adita karikalan when he died? was he 24 or 18. there seems to be some conflict here.
    can anyone enlighten on this?

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  • hi prathiba ,

    adhithya died at age of 24 coz arul mozhi was 4 yrs
    younger than adhithya ...if adithya's age was 18 ...then arul
    mozhi's age will be 14 ,which is not at all acceptable .

  • Thank you for the mail.

    i asked that becos I saw in a website that it is said that 6years from the sevur porkalam the incidents mentioned in ponniyinselvan novel take place. so i had the doubt. also i dont have the novel with me now to refer to.

    one more doubt from that website. was sundara cholar ekapathini viradhan? becos it seems that in part 1 episode 43, there is a line that says "sundara cholarin matrumoru pathiniyana seraman magal parandagan devi".

    pls elucidate!!!

  • I dont think it is mentioned anywhere that he is "Ekapahtini Viradhan". The Cheraman magal was probably a junior wife.

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