what is the signifiance of these lizards
  • why do the carvings of these lizards crop up in unusual places...these
    are not etched /carved but sculpted. hence cannot say that these were
    the work of some bored craftsmen.



    Big temple

  • -Hi

    there is a lizard carved on the vimana of our holiest shrine-
    i was always told that it was a robber who came to steal the gold
    butwas changed intoa lizard.
    now i see so many instances.

    perhaps this logic will work out.
    to avoid real lizards coming to a place people stick on a rubber
    palli on the wall. perhaps this was the reason.
  • or maybe could be a particular aritists or a sculpture schools
    sign...signature...maybe since they didnt allow them to sign their
    works, they left these..

    have heard among techies - that programmers often do such things,
    intentionally leave a signature hidden underneath their programs..

    or left it for some deft author like dan brown to weave our own The
    Palli code..
  • do lizard's have a third eye??

    Shiva-yoga is a technique of opening the third eye. The third eye is
    an enigmatic organ having a universal mythological history. It is the
    middle eye of Shiva; it is the eye of Horas of Egyptian tradition, it
    is the horn of the unicorn. The third eye is an organ apparently
    dormant but innately acquired by mankind whose awakening is the birth
    right of every individual. It is an organ of inner vision which
    embraces eternity, while the two physical eyes look before seeing
    neither the past nor the future.

    Physiology has recognized the importance of the midbrain and of
    endocrine glands;
    The third ventricle is a narrow slit lying near the base of cerebral
    hemispheres and separating the two thalamia from each other. At the
    posterior end of this slit, a small nodule of grey matter projects
    backwards and overhangs corpora quadrigemina of the mid brain. This
    is the pineal gland. It represents all that remains of the third eye
    which used to adorn the forehead of some of the lizard ancestors in
    far off times. This type of lizard is found only in New Zealand and
    it dates back to the end of palaeozoic period in the Permian epoch.
    One of the lizard's feature is that it has a quite well developed
    third eye behind and between the usual two. This is known as the
    pineal eye
  • Hi
    very interesting indeed
    a lot of lizards have a third eye. its not like a typical eye but
    its still a sensory organ

    john hopkins gazette article on the topic


    " mukkannan embiraan" is so imitated by the lowly lizard

    interesting indeed
  • Anyone in our group read "The Third Eye" by T. Lobsang
    Rampa ?
  • For those who have not read "The Third Eye" by T.
    Lobsang Rampa, this is a book by one Tuesday Lobsang
    Rampa who became a lama in ancient Tibet. His forehead
    was operated to open his third eye in a Tibetian
    lamasery! After his death, the lama occupied the body
    of a British plumber ( who had no literary expertise )
    and wrote this book as per "instructions" to him from
    his higher order. The narration of this book is
    compelling...Very interesting and controversial book
  • this was told to me by my grandmother - my great great grandfather
    became a kind of ascetic / siddha doctor - he would go into the
    nearby forest to collect pachilai - he came up with cures for snake
    bite etc etc, aparently he ( by analysing the urine sample of a
    pregnant women in coconut oil collected inside a coconut shell) tell
    the sex of the unborn baby!!. he has extensive collection of palm
    leaf manuscripts of these but unfortunately all are lost.

    However, when he died his last wish was to attain kabala
    moksham....a pit was dug near the temple tank ( yes same tadagam
    where they found the shiva lingam - tadaga purirswarar - refer
    earlier post)...he was lowered in a seated position into the pit and
    coconuts were broken on his head till the kabalam opened...( pretty
    gruesome if you think of it now)

    but the funda behind this is - just below the uchanthalai is an
    opening called Brahmarandra (also called dasama dvaara - the 10th
    hole) The normal 9 dvaaras we know of 2 nostrils, 2 ears, 2 eyes, 1
    mouth, 1anus, 1 urethal/sexual opening.

    When siddhas and yogis finish their desired work for this birth (
    piravi payan),their soul leaves the body ideally through the
    Brahmarandra. aka kabala moksham.. When activities cease in the
    body of the siddha/yogi, the disciples usually take a coconut and
    break it upon the top of the head to open the Brahmarandra and allow
    the soul to depart.....
  • I am lucky to come across this blog by Kavita; it contains a few
    thoughts on the lizard issue. I have given both the url and relevant
    lines from the blog. We don't kill lizards, and rush to see the
    panchangam when it trips and falls on us.


    One creature seems to have a lot of impact not just by being a
    devotional creature but also as a mechanism of communication between our
    world and God's kingdom - devaloka. They say that when you are
    completely devotional, the Lord Himself comes in some form and resides
    within the chamber where you worship Him. The lizard is considered to be
    a very important creature in such modes of communications. When a lizard
    steps into the puja room and stays there it's considered auspicious.
    They say that either your Guru or the Lord Himself rides on the lizard
    when they come "visiting". The nature of the lizard in such cases is
    quite different. They tend to be fearless, hang around the deep dark
    corners of the room and come closer to the devotee as and when they
    wish, sometimes it's too close for comfort. A family is considered
    blessed and the home is believed to have positive vibrations when
    lizards come to live within the walls of its puja room. Lizards seem to
    have held a very strong place in function! Killing or harming lizards is
    considered one of the greatest "doshams"(negative effects) committed
    ever. Even more intriguing is the fear that is triggered with the
    accumulation of "doshams" when a lizard falls over a person. They say
    that if a lizard fell over our head, something very inauspicious is
    going to happen, like probable death in the family, while if it falls on
    the foot it means travel.

    Interestingly found only in the Varadaraja Perumal temple at Kanchipuram
    is the silver and gold lizards on the ceiling of a small chamber in this
    temple. With mystical diagrams of the sun and moon near it, this large
    lizard is supposed to wipe out all the accumulated "doshams" if we get
    to touch it. There is an endless list of "doshams" given in our
    panchangam. The sun, moon and the lizard (palli) are related to
    astrology and give remedies with relation to our horoscopes for a more
    peaceful living.

    Touching these lizards on the ceiling nullifies the negative effects
    that we might have accumulated in the course of our living, knowingly or
    unknowingly. Maybe they are consecrated up there with mantra concentrate
    done ages ago when the temple was built, so that the oncoming
    generations would benefit from it with a simple touch.

    All in all it has not just caught the strong belief of the ancients but
    also the caught the faith of million Indians today who flock there. Can
    we question the lizard? Maybe, but can we doubt Indian faithÂ… no, it
    can only be admired!
  • even in the corridor roof of srirangam between the temple and the
    sorga vasal is a lizard engraving
    everybody sees it for luck
  • In Avudayar Koil, at the very entrance above the main mandapam, there
    is a lizard and a monkey. A person who guided us when I went there a
    year and half ago, said its udumbu and monkey to symbolize the fact
    that, we should be like udumbu catching hold of the lord very strongly
    and never be like a monkey with a wavering mind. sounds logical.

    so are we assuming all the udumbu's to be palli's??
  • Interesting Discussions on Lizards....How many of you have seen the Marapalli near Karuvoorars in BT
  • A contemporary parallel?? hidden mickeys

    A Hidden Mickey is a partial or complete image of Mickey Mouse that
    has been hidden by Disney's Imagineers, artists or cast members in
    Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. These images are
    designed to blend into their surroundings. The most common Hidden
    Mickeys are three intersecting circles to form the outline of Mickey's
    head and ears...also known as the "classic" Mickey.



  • In a lighter vein, the story about the two priests:

    Two priest were comparing notes on how they distribute the money
    collected during sermons. The first one said: Idraw a circle around me,
    throw the collections toward the ceiling; I keep whatever coins fall
    inside the circle; the rest goes to church. The second one said; I put
    no such conditions. I throw the money upwards toward the ceiling; God
    retains his share and I collect whatever the God throws down.

    The devotees are the right persons to decide. As long as there is no
    coercion or harassment for donation, it is fine.

  • Lord Brahma worshipped the presiding God here. When the Chola king
    came to this holy place for hunting-in a place overgrown with wild
    plants, his arrow accidentally fell on a holy, gold lizard
    (udumbu??) and plenty of blood oozed out from the wound. On seeing
    the plight of the holy, gold lizard (bleeding to death) the Chola
    king became unconscious. Then Lord Shiva appeared before him and
    commanded him to build a temple for him (Lord Shiva) and blessed
    him. The Chola king then established a holy idol of Lord Shiva, an
    exact replica of the holy, gold lizard.
  • Karthik and Ramesh Khanna had done this in a movie. Hilarious ;-)

    Namma makkal Aaandavanukke Alva koduppaargal ..
  • Dear SPS,

    Our Ganapathy Sthapathi claims to have decended from
    the Sthapathi that built the BT for RRC... He might
    have an explanation....
  • Lucky lizards and all :)
  • May be the student sculptors were asked to sculpt out these lizards to practice their skills (considering that they are never found in prominent places but always in an obscure corner or the roof). May be Ganapthy sthapathi or Muthiah sthapathi may have some explanations.

  • (considering that they are never
    found in prominent places but always in an obscure corner or the


    you see the lizard before you see the golden roof in chidambaram
    so prominent on the east side. just above the entrance to the sabhai

    > Shobha
  • also these were sculpted off site and then assembled. not like
    these days when the detailing is done to decorate after the
    structure comes up.
  • > A Hidden Mickey is a partial or complete image of Mickey Mouse that
    > has been hidden by Disney's Imagineers, artists or cast members in
    > Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. These images
    > designed to blend into their surroundings.

    do you know that plenty of mickey mouses have been discovered in
    ancient artifacts all over the world- some dating to 10th century.
    just follow these two links



    before archeologists start attributing all sorts of things, ....
    I think its just the common creativity of human kind. many people
    think of the same things across seas and eras.

  • There are golden lizards for luck and lizards all over the world. Well that can say we are all damn lucky and... the peacock (one of Lord Muruga's vaahana) eats them on a regular basis :-) , it sure has gotten lucky rite, how else can it be the lord's vahana....
    Superstition on luck can be said on this particular issue.

    However, yes there is a theory of the Lizard having to open the third eye, it is fascinating because, it is one of the very few beings that is naturally born to rotate its eyes inward, The third eye or said point is the ending of nerves which cause a forcible penetration of electric pulse that triggers the bottom of the spine , When the eyes focus to a point between the eyebrows or to the tip of the nose there is deep pain and when you get used to that, eventually the light opens up from ,,, the inside. The third eye, is a logical object, it is a concept that shows the 'reality'. Lizards have that natural ability, i assume as it can with ease point its eyes into the nerve endings. No wonder the Guru's and saints ride on one.

    The way this third eye works can be read from Thirupugazh song about palani "Mulangila oor uruvai" brilliant song, explains about what happens when the naadi is properly 'squeezed'.
  • Good one ravi

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