Vello New temple/inscriptions
  • Heard a small news piece in a Tamil TV channel a few days back... a
    new temple and some inscriptions were found when someone was trying to
    dig the ground for some construction. The folks of that place that it
    was a 1000-year old temple.

    1000 varudangalukku mundhaya pandiyargal kaalathudhu-nu news reporter
    sonnaar. The word "PANDIYA" were clear when they showed the kalvettu
    for a brief moment.

    idhai paththi mel vivarangal yaarukkaavadhu theriyumaa?

  • Hi,

    I'm so interested to know about this, coz my native is
    vellore. Please let me know, where it was found and
    so? Though i'm in Mangalore now for my job is here,
    i'll be going to vellore once in a month or so. So
    please keep us updated

  • Hi Amar,

    Nice to hear that you are from vellore..I am also from vellore..

  • Hi Krupa, SPS others,
    It is not Vellore, byt Melur near MAdurai. Madurai members like Rahul/
    others can go and document each and every stone, inscriptions, other details
    of geographical locations, other details about the village and its culture,
    heritage value etc.
    Send the details to [email protected] and also share with PS
    and temple_cleaners members. If the villagers want any help to restore and
    rebuild the temple, we can go to their aid.
    The village is: *Karayipatti Village near Melur* (This is on the Madurai
    Trichi National Highway).
    What they got: 2000 yr old dieties statues, one Kongan Siddar (? wonder how
    they named it so) statue, 5 feet long stone inscriptions with vattezhutthu,
    and other 10-12 more stone inscriptions, and a big Shivalinga.

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