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  • Hi all,

    I was watching this movie Periyar. How far the story is true I dont know. But His (Periyar's) thoughts were wonderful and far ahead beyond centuries. He was trying to erradicate Superstitious beliefs and now only we are dragged too much to GOD and there are so many temples with no proper "aidheegam" (nerru peitha mazhaiyil inru mulaitha kaalaan pola). Saamiyars have grown to great heights and they are the worst criminals loitering in the society.

    I am remembered of this saying from the famous parasakthi film.. "Kovil vendaam enrEn.. kadavul koodaathu enbarthaakaaga alla....kovil kodiyavarin koodaaram aagaivida koodaathe enru" - but whats happening in society is people are more bhakthi mayam and crime rate increase.

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  • -Hi

    Periyar was indeed a great thinker but some intepretations of his
    were wrong.

    all his life he glorified ravana as a non bramhin and rama as an
    invading aryan.

    but the epic is very clear about it. ravana was a bramhin and rama
    was a kshatriya. in fact ram has to clear a bramha hathi thosham for
    killing ravana.

    though many pointed this out to periyar he never changed his view and
    his followers continued to garland rama's pictures with slippers.

  • Hi
    I want to add some more points to Karhik's views.

    One thing is sure.
    In the community those who are going to temples(of all religions) are
    not entirly for "BHAKTHI", but mostly to beg(or demand) some thing
    from GOD.

    This situation becomes worse these days because of "Jyothishi" and the
    so called "Saints", who are threatening people in the name of
    "planets" and GODs.

    Temples were built to assist people for assuming GOD's or some super
    power's presence. The main aim of Sprituality is not to build temple
    and spread one's own religion, but to undertand and feel one's own
    inner nature, by knowing which we can know the universe.

    The soul aim is to get KNOWLEDGE of every thing.
  • Hi

    the point is its a free world.
    people must have a right to build their own temples, pray in the way
    they want for whatever they deem fit.
    if people are mostly going to beg(or demand) some thing
    from GOD its their problem.
    if more enlighened souls go there for more lofty things its their

    one man's opinion because of his experiences should not affect the
    whole lot.

    like stalin of ussr was training to be a priest and was treated badly
    in the monastery. the result was russian orthodox religion suffered
    the most under him as president.

    but one thing ironic about periyar ( an atheist)is that whether its
    a shiva temple or a vishnu temple or a muruga temple periya's statue
    is outside.
    not even great bakthas have that luck
  • Dear Mr. Venkatesh,
    The question here is not whether "Ravanaa" was "Bhramin" or
    "non-Bhramin". Some understanding of Periyar about the religious
    belief may not be well. But his aim was clear. That is to improve the
    social status of "ill-treated" peole in the society. As the religion
    was a hurdle for their improvement, he fought against religion and
    it's ugly beliefs.
  • Hi
    The question here is not whether "Ravanaa" was "Bhramin" or
    > "non-Bhramin".

    it is relevant because periyar insulted religious idols of hinduism.
    whereas accepting other religions like christianity and islam.
    the DK still does that.
    or periyar knew about ramayana but twisted it to suit him.

    >>Some understanding of Periyar about the religious
    belief may not be well. But his aim was clear. That is to improve
    the social status of "ill-treated" peole in the society.

    periyar was a late entrant in the field . justice party was already
    propagating the same ideals. so periyar was neither the formulator
    nor the first person to do this.there have been reformers who have
    been more succesful than evr.periyar tried to grab the mantle of
    justice party with a bang by introducing atheism.

    atheism is a defeated issue in tamilnadu. religious beleifs are
    increasing.periyar and his policies are obviously being sidelined by
    the parties his organisation spawned.
  • Please don't get carried away by the image the film is
    trying to cast as Periyar. The real Periyaar is really
    different. Periyaar has supported Islam on some
    occasions. His vehement support for women lib is not
    in line with this. He is against Indian Independence
    and he declared our Independence day as a Sad day.

    Before asserting the real Periyaar or this movie
    Periyaar, count all the aspects and not his opposition
    for superstitions alone.

    In this movie there is no mention about his lifetime
    mission of bramin hatred but a lengthy scene on
    helping a bramin is shown just to project a soft
    social reformer.

    "kunam naadi kutramum naadi avatrul
    mikai naadi mikka kolal."

  • Dear All
    Reposting Kamakannans message from 2004....thought it might be relevant
  • Hi

    I wouldnt quite agree that all Saamiyars are evil. If you have had a personal experience that was bad, then I dont think its right to generalize. There are genuine and unique gurus who are doing a lot of good for the society but because of a few bad elements, their names also get spoilt.

    Regarding Periyar, I wouldnt quite agree with few of his sayings. I have been to periyar thidal in chennai which houses his samadhi..there are provocative sayings like "those who believe in god are barbarians.." Iam a strong believer in god..does that mean am a barbarian? I wouldnt quite agree..probably Periyar was a good politician but his sayings were more so to create a divide in the society..

    So however genuine the movie is..I might not watch it..
  • Hi,

    Actually some decades back,DK was propagating boldly
    against christianity and to some extent Islam also.

    There were notices and posters such as

    " How 'Kanni Mary gave birth to Jesus without sexual
    relations? Whether the society will accpet if a woman
    gives birh to child without marriage"

    " What is parisuthha aavi? Is it aavi coming while
    cooking idlies"

    " Is 786 the door number of Allah"

    These were some examples. But after some time in the
    name of secularism which is actually against Hinduism
    only DK stopped any propagation/provacative statement
    against minority communities.

    Though Periyar did some good works for woman
    upliftment and for oppressed classes, his "anti god
    policies were rejected even during his time. He even
    disobeyed himself by having a second marriage with
    much age diffrence to his spouse


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