International Museum Day 2007
  • Hi everybody

    May 18th is International Museum Day. As usual Fprt Museum in Fort
    St George is celebrating it with a formal function at 1000am to be
    addressed by V.Iran Anbu IAS. The handout on Fort St George will be

    We have organised an exhibition on the Ceramic heritage of south
    India in which pottery from 4000 years (since they were made) to
    medieval period on view. This includes the collection from Banahalli
    a protohistoric site near KGF, Karnataka and Adichchcnallur. Many
    sherd will be kept whcih can be handled by visitors. There will be
    pottery with painting,graffiti and brahmi script.Those who want try
    their hand at pottery throwing may try their hand at the wheel, clay
    will be there.

    Pl visit on Saturday/ Sunday. The exhibition will be on view till
    24th next Thursday. Pl call me on my mobile 9444 280408 for personal

    SPS sir will the planned visit will take place now?

    all PS members: pl treat this as my personal invitation.
  • Hi
    great opportunity

    would be fun if we can go as a group.

    sps could you fix a date? lets not go to the meeting but another time
    when sriraman is free.

    and sriraman could also take us to the church altar where Clive of
    India got married.
  • how about this saturday for the visit??? i think we are talking of a
    museum visit for more than over an year now.
  • S.Balasubramani B+
    Bhubaneswar Orissa.

    Thanks sriraman sir,

    we are also celebrating at bhubaneswar with taking school children
    of our area to the museum.

    Museums are the mechanism through which we research, interpret and
    present our insights into the natural and cultural worlds. They
    represent our belief systems concerning cultural inter-
    relationships, our relationship with the environment and of our
    place in the Universe. They are windows on the "dream-time" of

    websites links for reference
    please click
  • Would sunday be possible? Since I will be in chennai then.
  • hi avilable on all days incl sunday. pl visit individually/collectively
    as the case may be. pl call my mobile 9444 280 408 for confirmation of
    time may come to museum bit late 1100 am on saturday/sunday.
  • Thanks SPS for including my name. I am ok with Saturday 10am. I will
    come to Venkatesh's house and from there can go together.
    Sunday might be bit difficult.
  • Unfortunately, I'm travelling to my native place! I
    cant make it... I will try to go there on Monday.
  • Hi Sathish

    I am dropping out of saturday plan. some urgent work cropped up.
  • Did u guys go?
    If not, how about Tuesday / Wednesday ?
  • What is the opening time and when is the closing time of the museum???
    V.Ksir, i will try
    to come on wednesday.
  • OK. I'm all set.
  • OK. I'm free from 2PM to 6.30PM

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