Regarding Kaveri Maindan
  • I would like to share my views on Venkatesh's Kaveri Maindan..Just now I read the three part novel. First I shall congratulate Mr.Venkatesh for writing this novel and also following Amarar Kalki's path and his story telling style..including giving a heading to each chapter.

    But I feel Venkatesh made a wrong move by making Kanda Maran as hero.. (after reading PS for 10 times) I fail to digest it.

    The story doesn't give much twists and turns..and the sudden death of Vanathi..does it support historical facts?

    I would like anyone writing the story about Rajendran and how he built Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple..I have requested Gokhul to attempt that story.
  • Dear Vaidhi
    There is Akilans vengaiyin Mainthan which covers Rajendras Gangai Campaign and Building of GKC a beatifully written novel and winner of Sahitya Academy Prize a must read for Kalki Fans
  • Dear Sri,

    Thanks..I will read the book by Akilan..I love his writings and read some of his social novels.

  • It's natural to like the people who are potrayed in a
    positive way:) Afterall "history is a fable thats
    agreed upon.
    Have a great day!

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