• Dear SPS and All

    I visited Uthiramerur during february 2004 , so i wish to share following must see places with you.

    1. The Famous Choza system of democratic Election System "Kudavolai method" inscribed on the pheripheral of Temple, adjacent to Bus stand, Uthiramerur executed during the reign of Paranthaga Sundara Chozha ca 880 AD. maitained by ASI, Chennai circle.

    2. Famous Sundara Varadaraja Perumal Temple, beautifully carved / sculpted
    built during Nandivarma Pallava Malla wonderful with Pallava stamp.

    3.Imperial Chozha Structure 250 meter from Uthiramerur bus Stand at the Turning to Thirupulivanam

    4. Thirupulivanam Siva Temple wonderful Pallava/ Chola remainigs .

    I couldnot collect exact history of this Temple ,Kindly let me Know.

  • Hi
    Tirupulivanam also padal petra sthalam. Venkatesh please check.
    Rajavel was able to read the names of the nayanmars inscribed one each
    on pillars, incidentally they mention their caste names too.To be
    checked. the temple itself was reconstructed in later chola, period
    into an apsidal one. contains a great and a differnet form of

  • Hi
    the only devara paadal petra sthalam in that area is thiru maagaaral
    between uthiramerur and kanchi.

    has lots of association with rajendra and his stay in chidambaram.
    some story about a jack fruit being sent to the king daily.

    also shiva appearing as a golden iguana lizard to rrajendra.

    but not sure if it is called pulivanam. any association to word puli
    actualy leads to vyagrapadfar.

    it could be a vaipu sthalam mentioned in another place's devaram.

    venketesh--- In [email protected],
  • hi
    anbare innum thoongalaiya

    tirupulivanam is also on the way to kanchi from u'merur. titumagaral
    is also near by if i am not wrong.

    checked with templenet.com myself. sorry for the mislead.


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