• If King Kulasekara Pandyan had better communication
    skills things may have been different.

    1st his brother Vikrama Pandyan mutinied. If VP was
    well communicated with and given the responsibilites
    of military expansions - he might have had a more
    synergestic influence

    And if Veera Pandyan and Sundara Pandyan were mentored
    and councelled into being brothers in arms and not
    brothers up in arms ..... Madurai would have not even
    been an option for Malik Kafur

    Too many ifs and buts. God Knows what the scenario
    really was those days:) But that nationalistic passion
    to preserve our kingdom in our hearts gives rise to a
    lot of retrospective speculation.
  • I think the two pandyas were like today's arasiyalvaathis.. completely
    corrupt, inept and selfish.. wanting as much as they could grab. As I
    keep saying, human behavior hasn't changed in 1000s of years.. and
    even if we want to romanticize earlier timeframes, people were all
    probably similar.. You had the " good" kings.. and then you had the
    sutha ayOggiyans.. the pandyan sahotharargaL were probably the

  • hi

    why dont you look at the other view point.

    in my view the pandyas were too succesful for their own good. their
    writ ran for a long distance from madurai. the cholas and the others
    were petty fief doms. when malik came in, there was no resistance at
    all . he was not made tired or slowed down till he reached the
    capital. his momentum at the end of such a long trip is phenomenal

    getting the help of other kings to fight against a brother was not
    new. cholas, singalas and cheras were constantly involved in pandya
    infighting. in fact kulasekaran the last but one king involved took
    chera support to defeat his brother vikrama.
  • Nice email Venky, your point of view is very
    interesting :)
  • How many years was he Malik alive after his south conquest Venkat? Not
    many I think.

    One thing I noticed when I read Vantharkal Vendrarkal is that almost all
    of the successful Muslim king's really died a troubled death.
    I cannot help feel a bit happy reading the sad end of each king.
  • very few

    he poisoned allaudin blinded his sons, and put allaudins baby son on
    the throne and ruled for a couple of weeks.

    then he too was murdered.

    byt sivaram it was a wonderful period in indian history mainly
    because of those who recorded the events.

    wassaf, khusro( the inventor of the sitar and the tabla) as well as
    the venetian visitor marco polo.

    ibn batuta tha Moroccan Arab Sunni Islamic visitor came some 10
    years later.

    all of them left wonderful travelougues.

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